Friendship Day: 10 Desi Messages for your ‘रूठा  यार’

Friendship Day: 10 Patch up Messages for your angry friend

Friendship Day is around the corner.  Friends are the family we choose, and it is impossible to imagine life without them. When you share a great bond with someone, fights are inevitable.  It could happen over anything.  But a fight doesn’t stop us from celebrating the beautiful day ‘Friendship Day’. Indians are known for their desi banters, and when it comes to friendship, we use it a lot.  Well, if you are not on talking terms with your friend, we have listed 10 messages that you can send. They will surely melt, and you can thank us later!  To be friends with them forever is our ‘Haqq’

Here are 10 Desi Messages that you can send to your angry friend to patch up

1. Dekh Bhai mujhse dosti karega toh bigad jayega, nhi karega toh kidhar jayega- Maan jaa please – Happy Friendship Day

2. Aajkal Duniya mai sache dost nhi milte, tujhe mil raha hai muft mai toh bhaav kyun? Happy Friendship Day

3. Dekh Beta, Have you noticed Awesome ends with me and Ugly ends with U- So don’t take an ugly decision – Let’s catch up for celebration – Happy Friendship Day

4. Jab tak Suraj Chand rahega, teri Bezzazti karna mera Kaam rahega – Happy Friendship Day. ( You can use  their nicknames too while wishing)

5. Friendship is not about sorry okay! It’s about saari galti teri thi.

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6. 3 Cheezien Kismat walo milti hai – 1. Sache Dost 2. Sacha Pyaar 3. Kaam se Kaam rakhne wale Rishetdaar. I don’t know about the rest two but you have the first one! So lucky you are! Happy Friendship Day

7. Teri Bezzazti karke , sukoon ata hai! Let’s meet for one more Bezzazti – Happy friendship Day

8. Bhagwan kare tere saare gunahoo ki saza mujhe mile- Your best friendship gift ever. Please talk now!

9. I am sorry for what I did but you were wrong – Happy Friendship Day without any ego

10. Kuch friends itne ache hote hai ki woh bina gali khaaye reply nhi karte, tujhe dene ka waqt aa gaya hai! – Happy Friendship Day

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