Friends Reunion: A Quirky Trivia of a 10- year long Show

The cast of Friends reunite at the Friends Reunion Episode and made it a 2-hour show where you can’t stop smiling

Well, the much-awaited Friends reunion episode released today and for perhaps the last time, we found the cast of Friends sitting on one couch, and share their experiences. The main cast of Friends –  Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston and Matt Le Blanc came on the same stage, right in front of the favourite and famous fountain in the Friends trailer and gave us a trivia of their 10 years journey of making Friends. The episode is hosted by James Corden.

The 1hour 47 minutes unscripted Friends Reunion episode is a packet of laughter and fun, with no moment where one will not smile and get a trivia of the best of Friends. While it was thrilling to see the great main cast of Friends, what amazes is to have the creators of Friends, David Crane and Marta Kauffman narrate the process of making it, and having special appearances like Janice Hosenstein (Maggie Wheeler), Gunther (James Michael Tyler) and Mr and Mrs Geller in the reunion episode.

Friends Reunion

The Major Trivia: The Friends Quiz, and this time, even Pheobe Participated

One of the most anticipating and funny episodes of Friends was the quiz with Monica and Rachel against Joey and Chandler for if the boys know the girls better than the girls know the boys. And Ross was the quiz master. In the Friends reunion episode, we get to see the quiz again and Pheobe also participates in the quiz this time. And of course, Ross is the quiz master. In this quiz, they are perhaps tested for how much they still remember about the show and it’s extremely fun to watch.

Well, Ross and Rachel had a thing even behind the scenes

This time, it was David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston who very elegantly answer James Corden’s question if there were any relationships off-screen among any of the six people? And well, the Ross and Rachel we have loved all this while actually had a thing for each other even when they started with the first seasons of the show.

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The bloopers

The best of the whole Friends Reunion episode were the bloopers. We get to know so much more about the Friends with these bloopers and they were as funny as the entire Friends show has been.

If you are a fan of Friends, you can’t help but laugh and cry

You know, the time when you meet your favourite people, with whom you have spent days and nights for  years after years, well, this is what the reunion episode has been. It’s a celebration of the memories, the bonds, the joy. And seeing your favourite people meet, cherish the memories and cry on the stupidest things they did while making the show means so much to you is definitely going to be overwhelming for you.

Overall, for a Friends fan, this the best thing they can watch in a pandemic. And perhaps watch and watch on loop because obviously, it’s about one of the most loved sitcom show ever.

Watch Friends Reunion on Zee5

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