Rating best 5 Friends episodes of all time

We are telling our favourite Friends episodes, you tell your’s?

Even after 16 years of its last episode, FRIENDS remains the favourite show for many of us. Such is the popularity of this show that it is still trending in the top most-watched shows on Netflix, India. Honestly, we have never seen it going out of the top trends. Many of us are yet to find a show as great as Friends, surely there have been other great shows, but nothing matches the eminence of FRIENDS. The series has in total 236 episodes in 10 seasons. Everyone has their favourite and we are sure you would have your own. Today, we are going to tell you our best 5 Friends episodes of all time.

5. The one with all the resolutions

Ross “new thing every day” resolution leads to a bet where Chandler is asked not to make fun of people around him for an entire week. How could you ask the God of sarcasm to not make fun of anyone, Mr Bing goes through absolute torture. Joey, on the other hands, is giving advice to Ross to get rid of his sticky pants and make a PASTE PANTS.

4. The one after the superbowl

The two-part episode that aired after the Super bowl of 1996 is a classic one where Chandler hooked up with Julia Roberts. You know what happens after the hookup… Don’t you! Monica and Rachel fight over Jean Claude and Van Damme.

3. The one after the Prom video

In this episode, Joey finally makes money and buys Chandler a flashy bracelet, which he secretly hates. Monica and Ross’s parents drop off some of Monica’s old belongings including the videotape. In the tape, Rachel finds out that Ross was willing to take her to prom when she thought they her date has stood her up. Rachel gets overwhelmed by the gesture and kisses Ross.

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2. The one everyone finds out

For us, the one everyone finds about the love affair between Chandler and Ross is the best episode. Phoebe sees Chandler and Monica making out from Ugly Naked Guy’s apartment and freaks out. Later, she and Rachel try to mess with the couple and Phoebe tries to seduce Chandler in order to force them out of the hiding.

1. The Last one: Part 2

The last episode in the series has a score of 9.7 on IMDB. This episode made cry everyone who followed the show throughout. Phoebe and Ross are trying to catch up to Rachel before she boards the plane but by mistake, they up at the wrong airport.  A passenger spreads ‘phalange’ panics and prevents the plane from taking off on time. Rachel and Ross have their romantic airport scene.

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