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Free Media VS Neutral Media: How free our media is?

Free Media VS Neutral Media:  Do you know the difference? 

According to the general definition, A state of not supporting or helping either side at the time of a conflict or disagreement is called NEUTRALITY.

The most important thing we should reiterate is, “The method is objective, not the journalist.”Media is known as the fourth pillar of democracy.  It is important for Media to evolve every second. Media needs to adapt to the current scenario. Here, it is important to understand that the methods should also be changed.

Free Media

 Now, at this point, the concept of two things needs to get cleared that are  Free Media and Neutral Media. Many of us misunderstand the differences between them, many journalists died due to preaching Free media and news channels with least TRP are a result of so-called Neutrality.

“Neutrality is not the tenet of journalism, it’s just a style of presenting it,” says Lauren Duca, a freelance journalist of U.S with a strong voice.


We all rise this slogan “Media is biased” but we have to understand is it feasible for media to go NEUTRAL where neutrality is not a confined a term within our definitions?

Neutrality is a term that suits well in chemistry and scientific facts, not in a concept like media. The demarcation between acid and base is easy, making the term Neutrality easier to understand. But knowing the fact, that neutrality itself is not neutral when it is about the news. Presenting these facts which itself has a side of its own, proves Media to be NOT neutral, unfair isn’t it. Secondly, as a matter of fact, what also, affect the neutrality is how we conceive news.

Everyone has a perception which is actually a result of preconceived notions. Also, when it comes to Indian media, the case turns complicated as we stay in a country where people vary in every aspect, be it culture, tradition, language, beliefs, all this builds our perception and we see everything accordingly.

Do we look for truth or faults?

All the case studies are bipartite. When you just present the facts it does not prove to be neutral because one part has other facts to present. The news is borne out of some facts, and those facts are most of the time inclined to a side. Media today is under sheer pressure because of all the criticisms, but aren’t we forgetting that media stands head high to propagate the campaigns for social awareness?  Our nation has not attained complete democracy it still has clauses to look upon. Media needs to be neutral but, it is not free, strange!

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