Four places where he will love to have sex!

Parul Srivastava

If you are tired of having sex in your bed and want to try it at some other places, then what are you waiting for? Go ahead; don’t think about him, he will surely love it.

Though some are weird but trust me all of them are damn interesting and will definitely drive him crazy.

  • Your car: It is the best place to have sex , when you are tired of making love in your bed. Go on the backseat and ask your man to sit and stretch his legs as he keeps his legs on front seat you sit on him. Fold your legs and then go ahead make that steamy and intense love just like there is no tomorrow
  • Car-love


  • On the window/wall: Just bang up against the wall or a window and then make love, just think how hot it would be, considering the situation of your vigorous lovemaking *Winks*
  • 1

    Make love on the window

  • The Bath tab: Bath sex is always interesting so get dirty before you clean. Just one tip because you would not have lot space so be careful
  • Couple exchanging words in bath

    Bath Tab Sex

  • The Floor : This place is more like our bed but it would hurt us more but if you can try sex here if you got super – horny and just can’t resist then floor is the best place for a make out session.


Sex on the floor

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