Four Day work week boosted productivity in Japan: ‘India Maange more Chutti’


Microsoft Japan tested a four –day work week and productivity jumped by 40 percent

We all know the importance of work-life balance but the fact is work takes over everything. We hardly get time for vacation and family gatherings.  From the past few years, the debate on shortening the workdays is trending. Recently, Microsoft Japan has revealed that in the month of August, the company experimented with a new project called ‘Work-Life Challenge Summer 2019’ and it actually boosted the company’s  productivity by 40 percent.

In this challenge, the entire workforce of Microsoft was given five Fridays off in a row without decreasing their pay. After the program was over employees were happy and the management was also happy. Shorter working week increased productivity, led to more meaningful meetings, and made employees more focused.

Do Indians also need Four Day work week?

According to a vacation deprivation report 2018, Indians are the most vacation deprived people in the world as they don’t even take off on their vacation days. There are various reasons for it. For example – They fear that they will miss out on an important meeting, Indians are the least to get a free pass while vacating, and they are expected to stay available to their colleagues & supervisors, many more reasons. Now, all this clearly indicates that Indians need more flexibility. When it comes to four day work week, Indians say they need more chutti.

Here are a few pros of implementing it, hope every boss is listening:

1. Higher level of Employee Satisfaction

Behind every successful organization, there are satisfied employees. With less stress and workload, the employees will engage better with their work. They will come up with creative ideas and will stay motivated towards their work.

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2. Overhead costs will be cut down

It will reduce your office maintenance expenses, especially electricity. If your employees stay out of office  it reduces all office maintenance by 20 percent.

3. Effective Usage of Time

It will cut down the need for excessive breaks. The time will be utilized in a proper way. Less time would be spent on inefficient tasks.

4. There would be environmental benefits too!

Four –day work week will also have a positive impact on the environment. It will reduce each individual employee’s carbon footprint by removing commute pollution.


The four day work week wasn’t a new problem experiment in Microsoft Japan. A lot of firms in the past have tried it. It was also carried out by a New Zealand trust management company Perpetual Guardian in 2018. After the program was over, the employees reported better work-life balance and better focus in the office.

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