Ford Bronco, Ranger all Set to Return

Ford Bronco, Ranger all Set to Return

Ford Bronco, Ranger all Set to Return:- Ford’s plan to produce the Ford Ranger pickup and an all new Bronco SUV at the automaker’s Michigan Assembly plant just recently got confirmed by a regional UAW boss.

In a recent interview, the UAW members said that the two rumoured vehicles, will soon be coming to the Michigan plant, means more for the U.S. jobs than the small cars that are currently being shifted to Mexico.

Ford Bronco, Ranger all Set to Return
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Confirmed by the Chairman

The comments came in a piece about UAW members’ reactions to the U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump’s criticism of Ford’s decision to move Focus, C-Max, and different small car production to its San Luis Potosi plant, Mexico.

“I suppose Trump needs to get his facts clear,” said the UAW Local 900 plant Chairman Bill Johnson, who represents the workers at Ford’s Wayne, Michigan, plant. “He is completely beating up on Ford for doing things, which everybody else have already done.”

“We somewhat hate to see our products go to Mexico,” he continued. “But with the Ranger and the Bronco coming to Michigan Assembly that completely secures the future for our people a lot more than the Focus alone does.”

Ford Bronco, Ranger all Set to Return
Ford Bronco

All was hinted last year

The revelation range with the UAW contract that was made public last year. In which there were details of a “new product” referring to as ‘unnamed’, coming to the Michigan Assembly plant in 2018, followed by an another new model in 2020.

Sources recently revealed that those plans were referred to the global Ford Ranger and the Ford Bronco. The rumors further increase-up when Ford announced that it will add around four nameplates to its global SUV lineup by 2020.

A little is known about the reborn Bronco, but it’s clear that it could go on to share architecture and powertrains with the Ranger. Ford Bronco was last sold in the U.S. in 1996.

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