Foods That Are Rich In Arginine Which Is The Best Alternative For Dietary Supplements

Arginine is an important nutrient which can be consumed naturally

Arginine might have once languished in supplemental obscurity but now it is muscling its way up at the charts of amino-acid heap. It is also known as L-arginine. This nutrient speeds up protein synthesis and it also helps in building muscle. This long-ignored nutrient has many positive effects. It is also popularly known for its properties that lowers high blood pressure. It speeds up the process of wound healing.

Foods which are rich in Arginine

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This nutrient is extremely essential for children’s growth. There are endless skin, hair and health benefits of arginine. It has anti-aging properties. It drastically reduces hair fall. It has the ability to control bladder inflammation. It is an amazing weight-loss agent. You can even detoxify your body with its help. If you are a gym-freak, then you must take a good amount of arginine as it boosts exercise performance. It is also responsible for regulation of hormonal growth. It aids in generation of tissue. Another less known fact is that it boosts or immune system too.

That’s not all, it also aids kidney in removing waste from the body. Our body might produce less amount of arginine when you are stressed or when you get sick. There might be several other reasons due to which the production of arginine might get reduced.

In this time, people might take arginine as a dietary supplement to manage several diseases but there are other natural ways to get arginine as well. Instead of taking supplements, you can eat foods that are rich in arginine. A small change in your diet can fulfill the requirement of arginine in your body.

Stop buying those expensive dietary supplements and eat these foods listed below to get adequate amount of arginine for proper functioning of the body.

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5 foods that are rich in Arginine

1) Pumpkin Seeds – For vegetarians, pumpkin seeds are a good source of arginine. It also has a lot of protein content. A cup of pumpkin seed has enough protein to get you through the day. It contains iron, minerals and zinc. It has arginine in abundance and you can eat it as a topping on salad or a part of your fruit salad. You should store the seeds of pumpkin for few days.

2) Peanuts – Peanuts have a lot of arginine and protein content in it. One cup of roasted peanuts has 4 grams of arginine which is good for body. It also has vitamin E and B3 along with niacin. You can either eat peanuts as a snack or add them to your food. You can even spread some peanut butter on a bread to get a ton of nutrients. It is good for athletes and sportsmen.

3) Chickpeas – Chickpeas are an amazing source of arginine and protein along with fiber. If you are a vegetarian, then you must eat chickpeas to get enough nutrients. They are high in dietary fibers. They also taste amazing. In India, many chickpea curries are eaten. In Middle East, people make hummus from chickpeas which taste amazing. Thus, it is not only a great nutrient booster but it also tantalizes your taste buds.

4) Soybeans – This vegetable is rich in minerals, potassium and magnesium. It also has a good amount of protein and arginine. It is a good alternative to dietary supplements. You can add this vegetable in your dinner meals. Make a salad or toss them in rice. Basically, be creative with this vegetable and create amazing dishes along. At the end of the meal, you will be satisfied as you ate a healthy and tasty meal.

5) Chicken – Chicken is such a popular choice in terms of protein content but it is also the third best source of arginine. Two hundred grams of chicken has 9-10 grams of arginine and a lot of protein. It is high in fiber too.

Now you know about the numerous benefits of argenine, so include these foods in your diet to be disease-free. Choose a healthy lifestyle. If you will opt to take these nutrients in a natural way then you can savour the benefits of mother earth directly. Dietary supplements cannot match the qualities of natural arginine sources.

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