Foods that shouldn’t be eaten before workout

Here is what not to be consumed before workout

After mustering great deal of willpower and dragging yourself to gym or park for running or working out, you must be feeling like winning a battle but uncertainly, you are not even half way through. Ones overall fitness depends only forty percent on how much he works out, the rest depends on the type of food you consume. And there are few foods that you should not consume before your workout session.

Consuming healthy food regularly is important, but there are certain foods which one must not ever consume before working out otherwise, instead of feeling the flow of energy within yourself, laziness will drag you towards your ever inviting bed:

1. Alcohol

While liquid consumption is recommended few minutes before working out to keep one hydrated, alcohol consumption is no solution. Rather, alcohol has dehydrating properties and suppresses body fat oxidation which leads to dizziness and injuries during workout.

2. Desserts

Although, sugar consumption is generally asked to cut down on regular basis for those working out, consuming desserts before working out is strictly prohibited. These highly fatty, sugar-cotted, oily products only slow down your performance.

Foods that shouldn't be eaten before workout
Working out with empty stomach is recommended

3. Spicy Food

Out of all sort of foods available, spicy food is the most dangerous, even to consume twenty four hours before working out. It quickens the digestion process and may lead to heartburn during working. Easily digestible foods are recommended before gym.

4. Dairy Products

Dairy products like milk or cheese could lead to intestinal cramping while working out. If you are not able to tolerate lactose consumption then being steer clear from heavy dairy products is recommended before workout. Though low lactose products like hard cheese and yogurt would not do any harm.

5. Fried Food

Greasy foods are hard to digest and contain saturated fat. If consumed before running or hitting the gym, could result in cramping, bloating or diarrhea. Hence, avoid consuming any sort of junk food before hitting the gym or park.

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