Foods for Healthy Teeth

Healthy Teeth

Imagine a smile devoid of good and shining teeth. Surely hard to imagine! Your teeth are affected by your eating habits. Surprised! Well it is true to the core. Read this article to find out more about the Foods for healthy teeth.

What to Eat for Strong Teeth:

A good dental hygiene consists of regular brushing of teeth twice a day, rinsing your mouth post meals and flossing. Choose carefully whatever your eat as it directly influences the health of your teeth. Wrong food can cause tooth decay and bad dental hygiene. So choose wisely and live well.

Foods as Natural Cleansers:

1. Chewing crunchy fruits such as apples and pears is helpful in dislodging the food particles from the teeth and prevents tooth decay. Apple is called’ nature’s toothbrush’.

2. Strawberries are endowed with excellent cleansing properties and are called as’ nature’s cleansing agents’. Have few strawberries to have a clean mouth and maintain oral hygiene.

3. Sugar-free chewing gum is helpful in dislodging food particles. Avoid using it if you happen to have jaw problem sit may cause dislocation of jaw.

4. Vitamin D s required for keeping teeth healthy and strong. Vitamin D is also needed to facilitate the absorption of calcium. Foods rich in vitamin D are fish, egg yolk, milk, etc. Include calcium rich products like almond, leafy vegetables, soy milk, dairy products, etc. in your diet. Exposure to sun is the natural way to get vitamin D.

 Healthy Teeth
Healthy Teeth

5. Cheese should be taken as it is a rich source of calcium. Casein and whey protein found in cheese is beneficial for strengthening tooth enamel.

6. Sugar-free foods do not lead to tooth decay and are quite safe for your teeth. So take such foods as they contain aspartame, sorbitol saccharin, sucralose and mannitol and do not damage your teeth.

Foods to Avoid:

1. Avoid beverages like coffee, tea and cigarettes. Caffeine and nicotine stains your teeth. Unsweetened juice contains sugars which turn into acidic in your mouth and corrodes enamel of teeth.

2. Starchy foods are equally bad for your teeth. Breads, cakes, French fries, etc. contain soda which is harmful for your dental health.

3. Avoid taking aerated drinks as they erode teeth enamel.

4. Dry fruits stick to your teeth and damage your teeth. Eat a piece of apple to remove the left over dry fruit debris from your oral cavity.

5. Avoid blueberries as they stain teeth.

Tips for Healthy Teeth:

• Eat nutritious and healthy food and set an example for your children.

• Brush your teeth at least twice daily.

• Rinse your mouth after every meal. If it is not possible, swirl water in your mouth and drink.

• Do not put toddlers to bed with a milk bottle.

• Change tooth brush after every 3 months.

• Get annul dental check-up done without fail.

• Never retire to bed without brushing.

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