Flirting Day – 5 ‘Flirting’ ideas with BAE to keep the spark alive

Flirting Day: How often you flirt with your partner?

Flirting Day is every year celebrated on February 18. Well, February is the official month of celebrating love. After a weeklong celebration of Valentine’s Day, we celebrate Flirting Day. Oh yes! It exists. Flirting is the first step towards any romantic relationship, and it could lead to some serious relationships too. But often when the honeymoon period gets over in a relationship,  people lose interest, especially when it comes to modern relationships. In that case, healthy flirting comes handy! Mind you with the same person, we mean your partner.*Winks*

Here are 5 flirting ideas that can keep the spark alive in your relationship. And you should do it often. It is so much fun, don’t believe us?  Try with your BAE. It gives fresh air of breath to your mundane routine. With any further ado, let’s get straight to the point.

1. Naughty  Texts

After a certain point of time in a relationship, we stop texting each other. Just one update and we are done. Go back to time and think about how it used to be when you started dating. Every then and now you should send some naughty messages to let them know what you are feeling. And guess what? Do it in the middle of a busy day- distract them a bit!

2. Secret Scavenger Hunt Date

There could be nothing better than secret scavenger hunt date to tease your partner and add some spice in the relationship. Give them clues and let them find you. This could be so much fun and lead to some romantic date and night too.

See the example here 

3. Surprise Kiss –When they are busy doing their work

A peck or a forehead kiss, plant it when they least expect it. Guess what? This is just to tease them and rest you know how to take the charge, right?

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4. Dress up – That mini black dress or that black shirt

After a certain period of time in a relationship, we stop dressing up for each other. On a random day just dress up for them, it will really turn them on.

5. Compliment them Publically

Extra PDA doesn’t make sense, but PDAs are important. Give Compliments to each other in front of family and friends. This will make them really happy! It will keep the spark alive and your gestures will show how much you love your partner.

What Studies Say?

According to a lot of studies, couples who flirt with each other are happier and feel content. It should be an unspoken rule of your relationship. Flirting keeps the spark alive and it also activates the pleasure receptors in the brain and makes us feel good. If you haven’t flirted with your partner for a long time, then do it right away! And you can thank us later!

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