Flintoff insisted that England had ‘cheated’ during Ashes victory in 2005

Former all–rounder of England Cricket team, Andrew Flintoff insisted that his team had cheated during the Ashes series against Australia in 2005.

Flintoff admitted that it was against the rules and spirit of the game cricket, when England used replacement fielders illegally during the ashes series against Australians.

Andrew Flintoff


He was reflecting on the effort of England replacement Gary Pratt, who directly hit a throw to run out the Australian captain, Ricky Ponting in the second last match at Trent Bridge.

Still, Ponting was dissatisfied with the decision and expressed his disappointment on the field as Australians believed that Pratt came on to the field in order to give one of the fast bowlers some relaxation and not as a replacement fielder.

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