From Flaws to Awe, 5 Flaws That make You More Attractive

Here are five flaws that make you more attractive


You are Shy

you are too honest

you are nerdy


Flaws That make You More Attractive: How attractive do you think you seem to other people? Are you insecure about certain things about yourself? We all have insecurities about ourselves and may fear how they may appear to others. But you never know, those very same qualities you are insecure about are traits that some people may actually appreciate and find attractive! While there is certainly some truth in the saying, no one can know you better than you know yourself. When it comes to attractiveness, sometimes we just cannot tell because we are so hard on ourselves. To help you with that we made a list of flaws that make you more attractive.

Here are five flaws that make you more attractive.

1. You are Shy

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Do you speak in a soft voice, but prefer to keep quiet most of the time? What happens when you see someone looking at you? Do you duck your head or fidget to get their attention? Some people find shyness attractive and, although it may seem difficult to believe, a lot of people believe this to be true! In a world where sociable, talkative, take-charge types of people are all clamouring to be the centre of attention, there may be something refreshing about being with someone who likes to listen more than they like to talk!

Afterall, shy people are often seen as more mysterious, intriguing, and down-to-earth compared to others.

2. You are too honest

Do you always say what you mean? Someone who always tells the truth, regardless of what someone wants to hear, can be a welcome change to someone who listens to everyone and just tells them what they want to hear.  Being honest can be a very attractive trait because it means that you are not going to waste their time by beating around the bush or by playing mind games with them. Despite how difficult it may be, you are able to just come out, and say what they need to hear.

3. You are nerdy

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The people who are called nerds or geeks often have a negative reputation for loving something intensely. But what is so wrong with that? Whether it is comic books, anime, video games, or some other obscure interest that not a lot of people can relate to. Being a nerd is not something you should be ashamed of. In fact, there are some who find nerds attractive for the very same reasons they are criticized for. They are driven, excited, and most of all, passionate about the things they enjoy.

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4. You are clumsy

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The trait of clumsiness is another that some find surprisingly attractive. In fact, psychology says that men, in particular, find clumsiness in women to be attractive! They feel needed not only because it makes them seem more sincere, playful, and youthful, but also because it makes them appear more genuine and younger. Clumsiness also makes people feel compelled to approach you, and to help you out when you are in a rut.

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5. You take things slow

You tend to overthink things and focus on all the details, so you take your time making decisions. Do you always take your time making decisions? Do you always have a lot going on in your mind?

You are probably a deep thinker and the type who likes to observe the situation before forming an option. Instead of always seeking excitement, or chasing after one thrill after another in your life, you appreciate and savour the peace you have. You might prefer to take your time with things, and people who feel the same way. This can be a very appealing quality to have.

Did you find any of these insightful or surprising? Let us know in the comments below.

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