Five ways to combat Delhi’s Deadly Pollution

Here is how you can protect yourself from toxic pollution of capital

Post Diwali people of Delhi have been inhaling numerous amount of particulate matter that is composed of dust, dirt, smoke and chemicals. People who commute to their offices early in the morning are complaining of zero visibility from last three days. Apart from it, the deadly pollution has made difficult for people to even breathe properly, especially children and elderly people

Pollution in Delhi
Pollution in Delhi

Notably this deadly combination enters the blood stream through one’s lungs and causes cancer. AAP government has decided to take some major steps to combat pollution, but it is our own responsibility to take preventive measures. As it is rightly said ‘Prevention is better than cure’

Delhi Air has now gone into severe zone, which means the condition has become horrible. Delhi – the city of 20 million people is the world’s most polluted city according to the list of World Health Organisation.

Here are five ways to combat pollution:

  • Most Important Buy Mask for yourself: Whenever you go out wear the mask. Make sure it should be rated N95 or N99. An N95 mask is supposed to filter 95 percent of the dust particles
  • Drink Tulsi tea, ginger : Increase the intake of food, which are rich in antioxidants because  they boost the immunity and can reduce the ill effects of pollutants to some extent
Green tea and its numerous benefits
Green tea and its numerous benefits
  • Avoid going out in early morning if possible : You can go to gym but avoid going for a jog or walk  in the morning because they are more harmful during early morning and in the night
Avoid going near the construction site
Avoid going near the construction site
  • Sprinkle water on your nearby roads : This will let the dust particles settle down and the water will help to combat smog 

Avoid going near construction sites :  Avoid going nearby  construction sites and also prefer buses, when you travel  because they are covered with glasses

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