Five Things My Mother Taught Me That No One Else Did

Five most important lessons of life that my mother taught me

We are free to give our success credit to anyone in our life. They can be our teachers, friends or our critics, but role of our mothers cannot be denied. Mothers are the most special figure in our life. She loves us unconditionally and do not expect n anything return. For me, she is a never ending source of hope, strength and optimism. Here are things that my mother taught me, and I am really thankful that she did because they really helped me whenever I was in trouble.

 my mother
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You can always be successful with a happy personal life

She has taught me how to balance things in life. When do work and when to enjoy with family. Personal and Professional life should not get merged. To enjoy happy life you should learn how nurture a relationship , and to nurture a relationship you should know how to balance work and personal life

Do not run behind anything

Running behind a person, money or anything in life will only leave you shattered. Everything will happen to you at the right time. Till then you need to wait and set your priorities right.

Turning back is not an option

If you have decided to do something give your 100 percent till the end. No matter what is the situation, you should have a clear aim

Trust your guts

People will say a lot of things to you, but you need to stick to your guts. If you feel something is right for you do it because opportunities will not wait for you.

Respect those who respect you

She always asked me to follow the rule of give and take. She always told me that regardless of age, gender and creed you should respect people

Mums are the best creatures, and I can bet anybody can teach us these lessons.

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