Five reasons why Indians are completely in love with Chai (Tea)

India runs on Chai and here are five reasons why we love it!

We Indians cannot live without tea better known as Chai.  Whether it is subah ki chai or Shaam ki chai saying no to tea is not an option for us. When we get back to home after a long tiring day, only one thing can pull out us from the exhaustive stupor that is tea.

After entering the home, we go to kitchen take out a pan and get to our work. After sometime familiar smell of ginger, tulsi leaves, cardamom starts coming and it overwhelms our senses.

Indians are tea- lovers and if someday, Tea is not available, it seems that we would have a minor heart attack. Especially in winters,  Tea is the first thing that comes to our mind in the morning.

Best thing to have in winters

Here are few reasons why we Indians are Tea–Lovers

  • Chai is so simple to pronounce. You need not to show off anything. It has such a homely feeling
  • For us it is always Tea season ,we don’t care about the season outside
  • Whether it is family gathering, friends party or an office party- Thodi –Thodi chai hamesha chalegi ( Every time tea  is must)
Only a cup of chai can help us to deal with exhaustive stupor
Only a cup of tea can help us to deal with exhaustive stupor
  • Our gossip session usually begins on a  Tea –date
  • In India even if our moms think about our marriage, guys are usually called on tea . Meri mummy ne tumhe chai par bulaya hai (My mom has called you on tea).
We are chai lovers
We are chai lovers

Tea is such an important thing for us. Starting our day without? We would rather like to stay in bed.  Doing our daily routine work without tea is next to impossible. Yes, the trend has changed now green tea, lemon tea and many more have taken over the market.  But still, ginger tea is the one which rules the preference of an Indian, when it comes to Tea.

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