Want to Shed Extra Weight, Drink Lemon Tea

Fitness Mantra: Lemon Tea and its numerous benefits

People often drink lemon tea first thing in the morning for the simple reason that it is healthy, but we rarely know that it helps in kicking the metabolism, support digestion and liver functions in the body.

Due to the presence of citric acid, calcium, pectin, vitamin C and bioflavonoids in the fruit, it boosts our immune system and help in fighting infections. Lemon Tea has numerous health and skin benefits associated with it. Let us have a look at few of them:

Fitness Mantra: Lemon and its numerous benefits
Relish and enjoy your lemon tea everyday
  1. It helps in reducing cold and flu symptoms when drank with ginger. It also helps in getting rid of a sour throat if drank 3-4 times a day during winters.
  2. It often acts as a natural anti-septic as helps in curing infections and diseases from inside-out.
  3. It re-hydrates your body by keeping our fluid levels up which could get lost due to aging, stress, exhaustion, sleep.
  4. It helps in detoxification of acids from bodies due to its diuretic nature.
  5. It acts as a cleansing agent by cleaning our blood and rejuvenating health.
  6. It freshens our breath by cleaning bacteria from our mouth and keep the breath fresh and nice.
  7. Regular consumption of lemon tea helps in reducing the risk of cancer.
  8. Drinking lemon tea also helps in the reduction of swelling which may arise due to surgery, trauma, dead cells etc.
  9. It helps in lifting of mood and clearing of mind.
  10. Most common yet important benefit of drinking lemon tea is weight loss.

Along with numerous benefits associated with lemon tea, there are few restrictions as well for those who are expecting, breast-feeding, and person suffering from high blood pressure, using any specific medication. Other than that, drink and relish your lemon tea every day and enjoy its benefits.

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