First year of marriage Here are facts you should know about it

Being someone’s girlfriend and boyfriend is completely different from being someone’s wife or husband. One needs to become more responsible and mature to handle a serious topic like marriage.

Though people share different experiences about the first year of marriage, some says it is the best year and some find it the hardest one.

Here are some facts about the first year of marriage that nobody will tell you:

  • Marriage will not change your partner: Most of us think that our partner will change after marriage in terms of care, concern, emotional connection but let’s be clear about one thing that it will not happen. Any problems you had pre- marriage will still exist after you get the marriage license
  • Fights should be converted into disagreements:  Just like girlfriend, boyfriend you can’t fight and move out of the house. You need to learn how to compromise.


First year of marriage

    • Marriage doesn’t mean end of sex life:   Who said you will not get time to have sex in first of year of marriage. Rather this the time, when one should make most of the sex as in ‘Do not come out of Bedroom’.  This will not only satisfy you people but will also help you to bond well
      • You can still enjoy your ‘me’ time:  Even if you have got married you can still make ‘Me’ time and can hang out with friends
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