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Another First! Veer Helmets for Veer Sikh Soldiers

 Indian Sikh soldiers to soon be equipped with made-in-India Veer helmets


  • Veer Helmet for Veers
  • Special features
  • MACS compatible 
  • MKU Ltd is a significant exporter

For the first time in India, a combat helmet has been designed for and dedicated to the Sikh soldiers.

This newly designed Kavro SCH 111 T is a special ballistic helmet manufactured by a Kanpur-based Global Defence and Homeland Security Company MKU limited. Its unique shape will allow a Sikh soldier to wear without difficulty and comfortably over their under-turban ‘cloth patka.’

So far, the Sikh soldiers could not wear a helmet as there were no helmets available that could be worn over the under-turban cloth comfortably. This used to expose them to injuries, often leading to death in some instances.

‘Veer’ Helmet for Veers

The newly designed SCH111 T or Veer helmet comes as a blessing as it can provide all-around ballistic protection against bullets and fragments of up to level IIIA.

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Special features

‘Veer’ helmet’s ‘No drill, no holes, no bolts’ innovative design protects soldiers from secondary fragmentation.

This helmet is lightweight, anti-fungal, anti-allergic, flame resistant, and chemical-safe along with being waterproof. A twist fit retention system helps Sikh soldiers have an incredibly snug and comfortable fit.

MACS compatible 

The helmet features the advanced ‘Reduced Helmet Trauma Technology,’ which protects from secondary injuries to the skull due to resulting back face deformation in helmets due to high-velocity ballistic impact. Also, compatible with the MACS (Modular Accessory Connector System) mounting system, this helmet will enable our soldiers with head-mounted sensors and modern combat equipment like night vision goggles, cameras on helmets, torches, and communication systems.

“We observed a need for better head protection for our Sikh troops. Although they have significantly contributed to national security and defence in India, and throughout the world, the Sikh soldiers lack adequate head protection against ballistic threats that they can wear comfortably without compromising their faith or identity”, said Manoj Gupta, chairman at MKU. 

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MKU Ltd is a significant exporter

MKU is one of the few Indian firms that has provided superior optronic and ballistic protection systems for soldiers and platforms for military, paramilitary, homeland security, police, and Special Forces in over 100 nations, as previously reported.

They have bases in India and Germany and have protected over 3 million soldiers and 3000+ platforms across 230 armies. The Indian government recognizes their R&D House, and they own around ten patents in India and internationally.

The Kanpur-based firm has completed one of the most significant helmet contracts for India’s Ministry of Defence, totalling 1.59 lakh ballistic helmets.

The news of the Indian Army commissioning the specially designed helmets is indeed a significant boost to the morale of our Sikh soldiers and a step to further strengthen the Indian Armed Forces. Sikh youngsters have enlisted in large numbers in the armed forces, central police, and paramilitary forces. And, according to publicly accessible information, the Indian Army has the most significant number of Sikh personnel in uniform. Therefore, this step is necessary not for the protection of Sikh soldiers and the Indian forces.

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