First Holi after Marriage? Don’t forget to fill it with the Color of Romance

First Holi after Marriage?  6 Hatke Ideas to celebrate it

A wedding has its own perks. As a new bride, you get to celebrate all the festivals with your new for the first time. Firsts are super special, aren’t they? Be it your first paycheck, relationship, kiss,  or any festival post marriage. Be it Diwali, Karvachauth or even Holi, when you celebrate these festivals for the first with your new family, some evergreen memories get attached to them. So if it’s your first Holi after marriage, here is how you can make it memorable.

Even if you have known each other for a long time before marriage, do not forget it is your first holi together as husband and wife. Spice up your romance and get ready to cherish these memories forever.

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1. Start your morning on a cute note

Put colours on her/ his face while she is sleeping, start your holi with a morning kiss and cuddles. Since it is your first Holi together, Masti toh banti hai. The day is going to be filled with colours, dance and drama. It is better to start off your day by saying sweet things to each other as it sets the tone for the day.

2. Dress Up Like Diva

Talk to each other and try to coordinate your outfits. Holi is a festival of joy, happiness and full of romance. Dress like a diva, pick your favourite outfit and get ready to woo him. Tease him playfully and set the tone for a fun-filled day ahead.

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3. Invite friends and Family ( Keep the list limited – Corona is still not over)

If you are planning it for your wife, do not forget to invite her family. It is not easy for a woman to adjust to a new environment. A person always looks for his or her closed ones. Surprise her by inviting her parents and close family members. On the other hand, if you are planning it for your husband try to get in touch with his old friends. Men are fond of their friends. Holi is the perfect time to gift him some bromance along with romance. He will definitely find it cute.

4. Holi gifts are a must

Everyone needs pampering, right? It is your first Holi together, how can you forget gifts? Make your partner feel special by planning a holi gift. It could be anything from an outfit to body care essentials which can be used after Holi, do not forget to make them go awwww!

5. A Holi Playlist

Ang se Ang lagna sajan hume aise rang lagana. Holi is incomplete without music, sweets and Thandai. Make sure you have it all at your Holi party. If you are organizing a Holi party, include all these to have a gala time.

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6. After Holi Fun is a must

Have fun and dance your heart out as it is your first holi after your marriage. After spending time with family and friends, do not forget to spend quality time together. Try to help each wash off the Holi colours from the face and body *winks*. We’ll let you figure out the rest!

Before we wrap up, here is a Kaam Ki Advice

If you want to get rid of your mundane routine and your partner doesn’t like playing Holi, we have a muft ki advice. Plan an outstation holiday. Pack your bags and go on a mini-vacation and spend quality time with each other. Plan it all by yourself and take your partner by surprise with your planning skills. They are surely gonna love it!

Happy Holi to all you beautiful couples! Tease, play and enjoy this festival of colours. Make it memorable and cherish the memories for the rest of your lives.

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