First dates are easy !! Who said that


Our body is not machanised to meet new people. Dates are especially uncomfortable if you are one of those who pull some of the worst possible turds. Here are some of the biggest no-no for a first date.

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1. Being rude to a server or valet is a huge red flag to most people
So do not be the guy / girl who makes someone uncomfortable beyond repair and tell their friends about later in absolute horror and shame.

2. Do not mess with your shit. It is not so difficult
Getting your dupatta caught on his watch and break, or dropping the phone and cracking your screen. Shit like this has happened, avoid as much as possible.

3. Donot, I repeat, do not have your phone out, or text someone while you are on a date.
basic etiquette, people.

4. Ask them about what do they do and where
But a first date may not be the best place to ask ’em how much you make.
That is, you do not want to set off the gold digger-alarms, do ya?

So these are the points you should keep in your mind while going on your first date.

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