Finding God

Who is God? Where is God?…these questions have vexed mankind for millennia, taking people on long journies and quests to find the answer.

Finding God


Some become ascetic, and go sit in isolation in jungles seeking answers, while some spend time praying, or visiting temples, mosques, churches, etc.

However, God is simple. It is us who have made him (actually God has no gender, we humans have ascribed ‘him’ while referring to God) difficult.

Just by peering into the depths of our hearts, we find a feeling of peace, harmony, a warm glow, a feeling of bliss and harmony for all, devoid of all ego….This is God. Living in all of us, in every little atom of air we breathe, in every animate and in-animate being and object…everywhere.

So next time when you want to look for God, you don’t have to go far. Just look into your own eyes, and meet him.

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