Instil Ayurvedic Diet for a Healthier You

Find out what all wonders Ayurvedic Food can do ?

Ayurvedic Food :- Look at a man’s plate and you know exactly who he is and who he hopes to be; this is the power of food. Nevertheless, Food is the basis of life what we eat makes up our physical, emotional, and social persona.


An ancient body of knowledge concerned with health and longevity adapts Ayurveda. It is not one single thought but many strands of thoughts that come together to form one body that of “science of medicine and food.” The Charak Samhita i.e. 2nd century codifies much of this knowledge, especially pertaining to diet.


Ayurveda, the ancient science of medicine and food, is the actual basis of much of Indian cuisines. Many of the Ayurvedic principles of eating and cooking are already well ingrained in the Indian kitchens, even if our knowing ability stays folded.

Find out what all wonders Ayurvedic Food can do ?
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Seasonality – Ayurvedic diet stresses emphasis on seasonality. This refers to food that has cooks with the seasonal ingredients. This is because our body needs to fight the disturbance of doshas and aid digestion seasonally. Foods that are hot in nature (pungent and sweet) must be consumed during the cold season to promote digestion. Foods that are considered cooling are good for the summers. During the rains, sweet, sour, and salty foods are preferred to aid week digestion.

Personalization – Diets need to be personalised to take into account of the individual’s body type. The three humours (doshas) are present in different proportions in each body. In addition, a physical and emotional examination can determine whether the doshas are higher or not. Foods with the opposite properties are eaten to balance these doshas.


The principles include eating of food that is freshly cooked, in a balanced quantity, and that suit’s one’s constitution and temperament. In addition, food needs to be eaten and chewed mindfully with proper attention to its taste.

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