Film Reviewers, you should be checking if you are a film lover

List of film reviewers who are defining meanings of cinema to us

A film is about a story that is made to tell something to the audience. Now, how the audience receives it is one thing, and what they receive is another. But what the film delivers to the audience is something the reviewers bring to the notice. A film reviewer is certainly the person who tries to be the decoder of a message for the audience, and who further comments on the way, the message is being delivered and if the message is largely right for the masses. Now that we have got multiple platforms and ways in which people are reviewing films, there are certain channels/ reviewers you must be following for your dose of cinema criticism.


Sucharita Tyagi (Not a Movie Review)

One of the really famous film reviewers of the present times, Sucharita is rather a feminist reviewer. She began her career as a radio jockey and in the year 2015, she started reviewing films for Film Companion. Now, Sucharita has her own youtube channel wherein the show, ‘Not a Movie Review’ she reviews films, and where her tone is very funny, she is quite well critiquing the film. So, follow her for some really good reviews.


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Baradwaj Rangan

One of the finest reviews that we come across come through Film Companion, and among them, the finest comes from the ones written by Baradwaj Rangan. Rangan, a National Award Winning critic, and was even featured in The Caravan Book of profiles. The finest reason why you should be checking out his reviews is for the fact that he has experienced both, film making and film reviewing. And hence, he is the best one to comment on the same.


Stutee Gosh

A comic reviewer at The Quint, Stutee is an award-winning Radio Jockey and a reviewer. As she is born and brought up in Delhi, her tone, in her reviews is like a typical Delhi Wala. Despite being funny in her tone, she is satirical with her argument and that is what you will love about her reviews.


Vinit Masram (Cinema Beyond Entertainment)

Another one from the Film Companion, who apparently has his own channel, ‘Cinema Beyond Entertainment’ too is is a place where you can find all the meaningful cinema and all the reasons why you should be watching it. His reviews can be found on Film Companion too.


Nandini Ramnath

One of the most credible reviewers in the present time comes from Scroll.in and most of them are done by Nandini Ramnath. The best part of her reviews is that they are simple, they are argumentative and they are full of information.

So, these are a few reviewers you can check so as to get the decoded meanings of any film that you are watching. Keep the film nerd in yourself active and yes, let us know who is your favourite reviewer in the comments.


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