Finding Fanny: Film review by Kiran Chopra

Movie rating: ***.* (3.5 stars)

Watch this movie to wake-up. Wake up to see the sunny side of life and appreciate love. Homy Adajania has done an excellent job bringing to reality the fiction side of things. An adaptation from a book, this movie, Finding Fanny is a onetime watch to laugh out at quirky things and subtle yet quick humour, something rare for a Bollywood movie.

It is the zeitgeist of time unknown, that the writer Kersi Khambatta and Homi Adajania have created together, of a Goan village which seems to have stood still. And, it is always a treat to watch mavericks like Naseeruddin Shah and Pankaj Kapoor at their acting best. Give them some quirky roles and they will rustle up the best performance for you!

While the handpicked veteran theater actors give you a full flavor of their skills, Deepika Padukone at the same time not just adds up the glamour quotient but also impresses you with her acting skills. Anaita Shroff Adajania has done a classy job dressing up Deepika to hit the hotness meter. Definitely, the star cast is well selected, for Dimple Kapadia was every bit a ‘Rosie Eucharista,’ the hot mama and Arjun Kapoor the dumb-lost-rude-slow Savio, the lover!

Watch the English version for some good humor and the Hindi version, nonetheless for the movie’s sensibilities. The movie claims to have been written much earlier, though. It was the director who was not able to get the right star cast. Looks like worth a wait. Shot in Goa, the story takes you on a short trip around the place, thus tempting you with some brilliant scenic frames.

With a good screenplay and crisp edit, Finding Fanny is a movie for dreamers and readers. Certainly not for the masses, (the classic literature touch is oh-so-prominent throughout the movie), but every bit a creative piece! The film absorbs you into itself making you witness the plight of affairs and amusements of a life passing by.

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