Fight cancer with a drug and kill it

Fight cancer in mere 48 hours

Everybody knows that cancer is a fatal disease and getting out of it alive takes a lot of hard work and many chemotherapy sessions. The entire process of fighting cancer, no matter the type, is very exhausting and time-consuming. Not everyone could get pass the phase without breaking down mentally and physically. But do you know with help of a drug you can easily fight cancer.

But what if you could get rid of the deadly disease within 48 hours. Great, right? A recent study has suggested that a mere fruit could kill cancer cells within 48 hours. The fruit is called Blushwood Berry, which is found in north Queensland rainforests.

Scientists have managed to destroy cancerous tumours by using an experimental drug derived from the fruit’s seeds.

fight cancer
Brush the cancer with Blushwood

The study’s author, Dr Glen Boyle said that a single injection of the drug called EBC-46 directly into melanoma models in the laboratory, as well as into cancers of the head, neck and colon in animals, destroyed the tumours long-term in more than 70% of cases.

Boyce admitted, “In preclinical trials we injected it into our models and within five minutes, you see a purpling of the area that looks like a bruise.”

Researchers believe that the drug triggers a cellular response which cuts off the blood supply to the tumour by opening it up. The drug has been by far used by veterinarians in about 300 cases of cancer in companion animals including dogs, cats and horses.

fight cancer
Aid to never leave hope

The drug is being developed as a human and veterinary pharmaceutical through QBiotics, a subsidiary of the company which discovered the drug, called EcoBiotics. The company is also examining the potential for a blushwood plantation.

The drug is unlikely to replace conventional chemotherapy treatment but could be used for elder people whose body couldn’t go through the chemotherapy treatment. Also, there are many people who doesn’t really respond to chemotherapy, for them the drug could prove to be a life saver

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