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FIFA World Cup 2018: Saudi Arabia VS Russia today!

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Football maniacs, are you ready for the opening match?

FIFA world cup 2018 begins today and the first match will be played between Saudi Arabia and host country Russia.  It would be a month-long tournament and it will conclude with one team claiming the trophy.  Notably, thirty-two teams will battle it out in Russia.  The teams are divided into 8 groups in each group there are 4 teams.

FIFA 2018

 Here are important highlights from the tournament, take a look:

  •  It is the biggest sporting event in the world and it features 32 countries. And it only comes around every four years
  • There are 8 groups consisting of four teams.  The top two teams from each group move on to the knockout stage, which is a 16 team, single elimination tournament to decide a winner
  • The first match is being played between  Saudi Arabia and Russia
  • This is the 21st edition of FIFA and this year Russia is the host country
  • On July 15 with the final, a single match will be played to declare the winner

Google Doodle

Google has also changed its doodle to mark the beginning of FIFA. This year the USA is not playing because it was not able to qualify. Well, winning the first match in the tournament is key if you are to move on, and the pressure on Russia of performing well is more because the match is played in its home crowd Moscow.

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