Burgers are undoubtedly one of the most filling, loved and easily accessible kind of food all over the world. Wherever you go, you would find a burger joint. McDonalds, for instance, is one food chain that would haunt you everywhere. But then, there are also places which are worth going to, if only, for their burgers. When I set out for my trip to Queenstown in New Zealand, I was prepared to witness breathtaking views, the frequent rise and fall of water levels of lake Wakatipu and experience the world famous bungee, what I was not prepared for however, was to have the largest burger of my life – The Fergburger.


Started in 2001 as ‘ Hole in the Wall’ in the dark and dingy Cow Lane, its idea was to cater to the hunger of those late night – early morning drunkards wandering through the roads. It was loved by all and Ferg reciprocated that love by making new delicious juicy burgers. It was threatened to be knocked down by evil-doers and this made Fergburger relocate to a better, rather the best location in Queenstown – Shotover Street.


When I went to Fergburger with my cousins, we made sure to order our burgers two hours before we had to actually have it because there is such a long queue. And two hours is the average waiting time you’ll always meet. I ordered a ‘Cockadoodle Doo’ burger which was basically a grilled chicken burger and remembering its taste, I am already drooling. One of my cousins, who is always up for experimenting, went for the ‘Sweet Bambi’ burger which was had deer meat or venison. While she wasn’t very happy with her choice, she was happy to have tried something new.

Just next to Fergburgers is the Ferg Bakery. Fergburgers gets its supply of buns from their very own next-door bakery and the meat is said to be sourced locally.

Located in one of the most premiere locations in Queenstown, Fergburger has come a long way. Today, it is definitely the busiest burger joint on the planet and has earned the reputation of being the best one too. It has a Zomato rating of 4.9 and occupies a prominent place in all ‘must-do’ things when in New Zealand.

No New Zealand diary is ever complete without the juiciness of Fergburgers.

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