Feng Shui Tips: Lucky Colors for home that can bring Happiness


Lucky Colors for Home: Invite Happiness!

Feng Shui is an integral part when it comes to home decor. A lot of people keep Feng Shui tips in mind before getting their walls coloured. In this article, we will be discussing the lucky colours for the home which will bring good luck.

Which colour to choose for Living Room?

Of course, a living room that is clean and clutter free is the foundation for good Feng Shui. It is important to clean your living room clean. Apart from cleanliness, colours also play a vital role in influencing your mood and bringing luck.

Colours can inspire our behaviour, create illusions or can simply set an atmosphere for a house. Mystics use Vastu colours to create beautiful homes which are full of prosperity.  Here is a list of lucky colours for home, take a look:


It is a colour of hope. Green colour offers healing, harmony and a good atmosphere. To make your child focus more on studies, you can get the wall colours painted by Green. It also boosts concentration power.


It is a common colour which is used for painting walls. Yellow signifies wisdom and patience. This colour is good for rooms which do not get direct sunlight. Also, it is an auspicious colour for Pooja Ghar


It is also a great colour when it comes to Feng Shui. Purple colour inspires trust.  Lighter shades of Purple inspire trust.


It is a colour of happiness, joy and purity. To reap the benefits of Pink colour and to invite good luck, it must be applied in the master room. It can also be applied in rooms in South and Southwest direction.


Yes, you can get your walls painted with orange. It is a colour of optimism, healthy relationships, and much more. Subtle shades of orange are one of the luckiest colour and could be used anywhere.

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