How is Fedo helping Customers & Insurers?

Fedo Score is like a Credit Score of Health, let us find out how it is helping insurers & customers both


The onset of Pandemic has made all of us more health-conscious. COVID 19 made us realise that developing a strong immunity is not an overnight game. We have to constantly invest in our health. Be it choosing the right diet or choosing the right health insurance, our health should be our priority. Recently, we came across the Fedo score. It is a credit score for your health and predicts health risks using an individual’s details. We got in touch with Prasanth Madavana, Co-founder & CEO, Fedo to understand how it works and it helping people.

What is a Fedo score & how does it work?

The Fedo score is like a credit score for your health which computes a health score and predicts health risks using an individual’s details. The score operates in a range of 0 to 1,000. If you receive a score of 1,000, you’re a superhuman. The score is published along with a dashboard of lifestyle diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases the individual is likely to encounter.

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Fedo score

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The Fedo score, is a proprietary tool, is the blend of human data with smart technology. A one of its kind of tool in India, it has been developed by technologists and data scientists using 250 plus medical studies, 2000 plus quality controlled academic and research documents from all over the world and analysing over 50 million health records and 1.5 million claims.

The Fedo score can be used by insurers, healthcare institutions and government agencies in better measuring the quality of health and in determining methods of helping individuals manage their health better.

Insurers can leverage AI and ML to automate their underwriting processes in the health and life insurance sectors, to better predict health risks and thereby enabling them to increase their sales, reduce costs, and enhance their portfolios.

It is helping both insurers and Customers: How it has made things easier

The pandemic has made people more conscious about their health and the need to better manage their health risks. An increasing number of individuals are falling prey to lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and heart diseases. It has become extremely important for all of us to be able to better understand our health and access to information and tools is imperative, and not a luxury.

Being a non-invasive data collection tool, the Fedo score requires less customer information and can be generated with ease, instantly. Once you generate a score, you can make positive changes to your lifestyle, dietary habits and other aspects which influence your health risks.

For Insurers, this would allow them to better understand and quantify the quality of health of those they are insuring. This would enable them to recommend products and services better suited to the users’ needs and also engage them in enhancing the quality of health and life. This opens up wide opportunities in personalization, digitization and more importantly, creating constructive dialogues with their users. The model also allows Insurers to leverage the insights and learnings from the over 50 million health records which Fedo has analysed, which would be much larger than the pool of data available to most insurers.

Understanding objectives and Aim of Fedo

The need for a health score was triggered when a friend of the Founders succumbed to lifestyle disease. This could have been avoided if he had access to information which better allowed him to truly understand the quality of his health and the risks which lay silently within his body. Quite often, many of us are affected by different lifestyle diseases and don’t realize it until it reaches an advanced stage.

We started as a blog aimed towards increasing awareness around the means to prevent diseases and taking better care of themselves to lead a healthier lifestyle. This has now grown into a full-fledged company with an objective to catalyze the Indian healthcare and insurance industries leveraging cutting edge AI and cognitive systems.

Our mission is to see the Fedo score being used to enhance the delivery of health care through personalized insurance coverage, for every human being on the planet.

fedo score
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We asked how they are planning to reach out to people in India

We have a two-pronged approach. The first is in partnering with insurers, government agencies and healthcare institutions in providing the technology to better understand and serve the needs of their customers and users. The second is in partnering with a wide array of brands and organizations in allowing their employees, partners, and consumers to access the Fedo score and help them take control of their health. We wouldn’t like to call this marketing. This is driven by a deep underlying mission in enabling each and every human being on the planet the fundamental right to better health.

A Sneak Peek into the journey of Fedo

It’s been an exciting journey and it’s getting even more exhilarating now. We are now partnering with several insurers, government health agencies and other institutions in powering their offerings with the Fedo suite of products. To create the Fedo score has required ingesting data from a wide variety of sources, which are all in different structures and formats. This can be extremely challenging and has required us to reinvent and reimagine how we approach every data source. Designing and creating intelligence behind AI is extremely difficult. We are one of the few global organizations which have successfully created an intelligent platform in this space. Like most entrepreneurial journeys, it has been replete with adventure and challenge, but the fact that we are driven by a deep underlying mission makes it worth it.


Fedo can provide cost and operation efficiency to its insurers: Here is how?

The Fedo Score helps insurers efficiently predicting health risks of their new and existing customers.

We deploy a proprietary cloud-based risk classification model to enhance and speed up the underwriting processes. Our automated model can process a significantly larger number of cases as compared to manual processing. We have proven that we can  help insurers reduce operating costs by 30%, improve underwriting efficiency by 80% and eliminate 50% of proposals in the UW bucket through real-time risk stratification and classification algorithms

Our smart, data-driven AI solutions enable insurers to enhance the overall customer experience and increase sales while reducing operational costs.

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