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4 Major February 2022 Events That Continued To Haunt March

 Here are major February 2022 events that remained the headlines of the month!


Russia-Ukraine crisis

Hijab row in Karnataka

Anganwadi workers stage an infinite strike

Union Budget 2022

February 2022 events: From the Russia-Ukraine crisis to the Hijab controversy in India, February 2022 will not only be remembered for Valentine’s Day but for Major political events nationally as well as internationally.

Here are major February 2022 events that remained the headlines of the month.

Russia-Ukraine crisis

Ukraine realized its worst nightmare when Russian troops invaded the Country. The attack left several Ukrainian civilians and other foreigners dead. The whole crisis started over Ukraine’s decision to join NATO. Russia was against Ukraine over this, deploying massive troops near Ukraine’s border. Hereafter, Russia demanded the West pull NATO forces out of Eastern Europe and not expand them into Ukraine.

On February 24, Russia announced an attack on Ukraine & explosions were heard near Kyiv. Amid the soaring tensions, Ukraine closed its airspace for civilian flights, leaving several Indian, Africans, and Asians stranded in war.

Adding to the worst, Russian forces seized the largest nuclear power plant in Europe after a building at the complex was set ablaze during intense fighting with Ukrainian defenders. Hence, Fears of a potential nuclear disaster at the Zaporizhzhia plant had spread alarm across world capitals.

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Hijab row in Karnataka

The Hijab controversy escalated in various parts of Karnataka and later in many other parts of India. Some girls who observe hijab were denied entry into the premises at the Government Pre-university College in Kundapur town in Karnataka’s Udupi district. At least two colleges in the state had barred students from wearing headscarves. This led to protests from various Hijabi girls in and outside the state. Several Hindu students showed up in saffron stoles to oppose the march, dividing the students in Religion over education.

While students wearing hijab refuse to compromise on their constitutional right to choose what they wear, other students in saffron turbans argue that only uniforms should be allowed in colleges.

However, a full bench of the Karnataka High Court will continue hearing a batch of petitions filed by female Muslim students against wearing hijab by specific Karnataka colleges. The petitioners had also filed an appeal before the Supreme Court against the interim order, but the top court is yet to hear the same.

Anganwadi workers stage an infinite strike

Delhi Anganwadi workers and helpers’ staged strikes near Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal’s residence. The protest, organized by the Delhi State Anganwadi Workers and Helpers Union (DSAWHU), aims to increase the monthly honorarium from Rs 9,678 to Rs 25,000 for workers and Rs 4,839 to Rs 20,000 for helpers. The women leading the protests also demand better working conditions and want to be recognized as government workers.

DSAWHU claimed that the other union is inclined towards the party in power- Aam Aadmi Party. As per the  recent reports, Anganwadi workers from across the state blocked the Jaloli toll plaza in Barwala to protest. They demanded a hike in salary, better working conditions, and facilities like insurance. Protesters alleged they were compelled to stage the protest, as the government was not ready to heed their demands.

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Union Budget 2022

The Union budget 2022, attracted a lot of eyeballs this February. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the Union Budget 2022-23 in the Lok Sabha. While some lauded the government for including topics like mental health and women empowerment, others criticized it for not delivering any relief to the middle class. Therefore, Union Budget 2022 remained one of the major February 2022 events and trends.

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