Fawad Khan Feels home with Kapoor

Fawad Khan Feels home with Kapoor

For all those who believe that fairy-tales come from real stories, Anil Kapoor Film Company along with Disney has brought ‘Khoobsurat’ on the big screen, starring Sonam Kapoor and the Pakistani heart-throb Fawad Khan. Ever since his foray into the Bollywood, the Indian female fans have thronged to the facebook page of the movie to check out this hunk of an actor resulting in a voluminous hike to the ‘likes’ on this page!

Fawad Khan Feels home with Kapoor - one world news

Now as the promotions for the movie have started, Fawad is completely awed by the love and care showered on him by the Kapoor family, “I have to say that Anil Kapoor sahab, Rhea and Sonam have treated me like family and have really looked after me here. Sonam especially was very sweet and accommodating. If my sugar was low, she would go herself, get something for me even though she could have asked 10 people around her to get it, but that shows how they cared for me as a family. I was in an alien environment with new people and you do get conscious. But they all made me really comfortable.” Within 48 hours of launch of the Khoobsurat campaign, Fawad was immensely praised by his female following.

Khoosurat is a romantic-comedy movie, where Sonam plays the role of charming and effervescent Milli, who is completely a misfit in a royal setting whereas Fawad Khan plays the role of a straight jacketed royal prince. Khoobsurat is produced by Walt Disney Pictures in association with Anil Kapoor Film Company, is directed by Shashanka Ghosh and stars Sonam Kapoor & Fawad Khan in the lead. The movie is slated for a September 19th worldwide release.

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