Father’s Day 2022: Wise Words by Indian Dads for Every Daughter

Father’s Day 2022: Father-Daughter, an irreplaceable bond!

Every year Father’s Day in India is celebrated on the third Sunday of June.  Father’s Day 2022 will be celebrated on 19June. The day is celebrated to honour fatherhood and to celebrate the most important man of our life.

Our father dedicates his entire life to build our lives. He works hard without complaining to see us happy.  He could be strict with you but all he wants is to see you succeed. Fathers share a beautiful bond with their daughters which cannot be replaced and there is something special about Desi fathers.

Well, fathers are the unsung heroes of our family. He has given his entire life to you and now it is your turn to make him feel special. He is ageing and the scenario of shouting, not agreeing to your point of view, to not giving up unhealthy food is a common sight at every Indian household. They are stubborn and behave like a kid sometimes, but he is the one who makes our house a home.

Every Indian daughter can resonate with the character of Piku and his Baba because our baba sounds the same. But let us admit without a father’s support, a woman cannot become successful. Behind every successful woman, there is a supporting father who trust her, not society.

Here we bring to you some inspiring stories where the father gave wings to his daughter’s dreams and trusted her. 

1. Dipa Karmakar’s father told her ‘Not to give up’ and follow her passion with all her heart

A woman who made every Indian proud by making name for herself in Rio Olympics says her father supported her throughout the journey. In her book, Dipa Karmakar: The Small Wonder, she has highlighted the role of her father in her inspiring journey. He trusted her and told her just to follow her passion.

 2. Sunita Williams and Golden words by her father that indeed inspirational

Who doesn’t know Sunita Williams? Sunita Lyn Williams is an American Astronaut and the United States Navy officer who previously held the records for most spacewalks by a woman.  She was born to Neuroanatomist, Deepak Pandya.

During an interview, she had shared the most important advice her father shared with her. She said, “Many Miles Above the Earth I remember my father’s words: Always Stay close to your Roots.”  A successful person is always rooted.

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3. Anuradha Koirala, a Social Activist in Nepal – She has changed many lives, but her life was changed by her father when he decided to share a secret

Anuradha Koirala is a social activist in Nepal. She is the founder of Maiti Nepal and helping the victims of sex trafficking. Her father once told her, “Millions are still in the dark. They deserve to live with dignity. With you, education shows them the light you have seen.”  Her father used to tell her my dowry to you is your education. Well, every father should tell this to his daughter!

4. Deepika Padukone – A name that needs no introduction, right? But it was her father who guided her throughout her journey

Making a name for yourself is not an overnight thing. One needs to continuously make efforts to bring out the best. Behind every successful woman, there is a supporting father and Prakash Padukone is a live example.

During an award show, Deepika Padukone read a letter written by Prakash Padukone for Deepika. He had shared some golden words with her. From respecting parents to working on relationships, and being honest, Prakash Padukone has made Deepika Padukone the woman she is today.

Watch the video here:

5. Life is not about falling down, it is about rising with grace

An Indian artist based in Singapore Debasmita Dasgupta shared some important lessons that her father taught her using illustrations. From teaching her grace to preaching to her the importance of inner beauty, her father told her to prioritise herself. She even featured other women who were inspired by their father.

Let us know in the comment section the best piece of advice your father gave to you! Happy Father’s Day 2022 in advance!

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