Father of Sakshi Mishra, MLA Rajesh Mishra says, he will suicide

Sakshi Mishra
Rajesh Mishra and Couple

Two videos made by Sakshi Mishra which went viral

The Sakshi Mishra and her husband Ajitesh Kumar inter-caste marriage matter has taken a U-Turn. Sakshi’s father Rajesh Mishra has recently said that he will suicide if bothered more. He gave this statement while talking to the press Saturday morning gave this so-called inter-caste marriage a different angle.

Mishra is from a Brahman family and his husband Ajitesh Kumar belongs to a Dalit family. Sakshi who wants to become a journalist made two videos which went viral on Social Media.

Sakshi Mishra has targeted her father on media channels

So far Sakshi had been targeting her father MLA father on different Media channels by asking her father to not put a dent in her happy marriage. She also asked her father to take goons away which he allegedly sent to kill both the bride and the groom. In a viral video, Sakshi said that she is happy with her marriage and exhausted from running away from his family.

After the video was picked by media houses her father who is a BJP MLA from Bithari Chainpur constituency from Bareilly district spoke to media. He said “My daughter is an adult and she has the right to choose her husband and I didn’t oppose to my daughter’s marriage with a Dalit man.

Priest denied the marriage and said the certificate is fake

A Priest in Ram Janki temple, Prayagraj earlier denied the marriage of these two saying that the marriage certificate was fake. As per the sources, the couples are expected to get a marriage certificate in Court on July 16. The husband-wife has been on the run since 3rd July allegedly cause of her father interference in marriage.

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Couples and Ajitesh’s father Harish Kumar has said that the SSP Bareilly Muniraj G has avoided calls for protection and security.  However, the SSP said that he will provide protections to the couple for their safe entry in Court.

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