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Fashion Game: Bring me a T-shirt and I will slay!!

This Summer Season pick the right T-shirt for yourself and do not forget to soar

No Fancy Dress, No Heavy Makeup, and No Loud Talks instead just slay with a quote on your t-shirt. The street fashion has a separate fan base when it comes to rock the ramp. For all those, who don’t really go for glitters and bling Ta Da, we got some real stuff in fashion. Casual t-shirts are rocking the industry and hitting the standard these days. Girls who like to keep it simple; here is a list of T-shirts on which you can try your hands.

1. My Body Empowers Me

She said and she conquered all the negativities around for body shaming and the meaningless beauty standards. Sonakshi Sinha conveyed one of the strongest messages to get comfortable in our skin.

2. We should all be Feminists

She conveyed a very important message. Anushka Sharma Kohli wore a T-shirt saying we all should be Feminist. Feminism is not about women should be treated above men instead it is just about equality in all spheres for both the genders.

3. Keep Calm and Get Over It

That is how she speaks her heart out. The slogan gives you some real strength on how life throws challenges to you one after the other, and you have to get over it.

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4. Perfection is Boring

Alia Bhatt is one of the finest actors of the millennials believe in making mistakes and learning from it. Why do become perfect when imperfection is so much fun.

5. I am too Sexy for my Ex

Her T-shirt said this. She stopped blaming herself for her breakup. Relationships can make your life or destroy it, this just depends on if you had a good relationship or a bad one. Remember! Be a good human being and sympathize to your ex for the biggest loss.

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