Farewell Time: A final ‘Goodbye’ to schooldays!

Things every student experience in his/her farewell

School days are always special and school memories hold special place in our hearts. No matter whichever phase of life you’re in, you will agree that nothing can ever beat the joy of school life. And that’s why saying final goodbye to school is not easy. The school farewell is easily one of the most emotional days of our lives. It’s a day when we shower our love to even our enemies.

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The happiness of stepping into a new world is mixed with the sadness of leaving behind your friends & a carefree life.

So, guys for the ones who are about to pass out & for the ones who have long since bid goodbye to their school days, here are 10 things that you will definitely experience during farewell.

1. There is no need to drink alcohol. The love you get from your juniors, teachers and students will keep you high.

2. It is the day you finally get to ditch your school uniform and put some sexy dresses. It’s a best time to show-off your stuff.

3. It is selfie and group photo time. A Farewell Album with less than 1000 pictures? No way!

4. It is a day when you shower love to even those you have never spoken to. Be it your enemy or the classmate you never even interacted with, everyone gets a hug.

5. You feel a tsunami of love for all teachers you hated the most. Why? Because you will never see them again. This can be a last time you are with your teachers.

6. Most excited thing, you are all excited to get your ‘title’ & see how amazing you were as a senior! Your juniors gives you a tittle as per your personality.

7. It’s probably the only day you do not mind hearing long drawn speeches. Because these speeches are very emotional that makes you cry.

8. You also spend five hours the day before preparing an Oscar-worthy speech for when you finally get up on stage.

9. This is a time of distributing knowledge to your juniors. Your juniors look after you, so that you can give them immense gyaan.

10. Plans for the future are made. Which college you all will join, how it’s going to be amazing if you end up together and so on.

Final goodbye to school
Final goodbye to school

So, if you are preparing for farewell speech, don’t forget to include these points:

Writing a farewell speech can seem like a difficult task. It can be hard to find the right words for your last day of your school. You always try to sum up your experiences, thank everyone involved, and offer wishes for the future, and do it all with grace and charm.

1. Summarize your experience. Think about the overall experience you have had at the place that you are leaving.

2. Touch on a serious or heartfelt point. Include emotional points too. Express your love for everyone.

3. Include well-wishes. Presumably, others are staying even though you are making your farewell speech. Offer good wishes for those remaining.

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