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Fare Thee Well!

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It’s that time of the year again when, even though boards are just around the corner, still all studies are put on hold for a short period of time, as girls and boys ponder and puzzle over their attire for their school farewell parties: one of the most momentous occasion in a teenager’s life and an eternal poignant memory of one’s adult life.


Like pretty butterflies molting out of their chrysalis of drab and prim uniforms the girls are dressing up in chic saris and stylish blouses while the boys are looking dapper in sophisticated suits and ties. They are all gearing up to look suave and mature in formals all the while wondering what their juniors have planned for them!


The ‘board –mania’ is forgotten for the time being and the colour of your sari or the cut of your suit suddenly takes precedence. The world is suddenly discussing Miss and Mr. ‘School’ and the titles awarded by the juniors. It’s all about gossip and class scandals, high heels or boots, debonair styles and petit blouses, cravats and scarves and drapes and falls of saris or coats.

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I got nostalgic remembering my own farewell when I pulled out the sari I had worn for my farewell, as my daughter skirmished my wardrobe for a sari for her own farewell! The long repressed memories assailed me and I was back amongst my friends and teachers reliving each sweet moment of that day. How things have changed but those moments are etched in my mind and heart forever and I can still feel the tingling in my bones, as a rush of adrenaline heightens my senses making me alive.


I know she will live her moments now. With a flush of happiness, a tad of nervousness and loads of excitement; looking so pretty, mature and cute in a black mukaish and high heels she slowly toddles her way to her giggling group of enchantingly dressed friends, basking in glances of appreciation and wonder from the boys who are looking dapper in smart suits and ties, as I drop her off at school.

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