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Fake News Triggers Tension In India, Fact-Check Kiya Kya??

Here is the fake news of the week with a Fact-Check

In the festive season, many big media houses and social media users churned India with fearful and fake news. Many of them are meant to disrupt the communal harmony prevailing in India. Hence, we debunked such false claims with the Fact-Check and truth.

Here are the fake news of the week with a Fact-Check.

Hindu temple set on fire by a Muslim mob in Bangladesh!

Claim: Recently several media houses and social media users shared a video with a claim that shows a Hindu temple was attempted to set on fire by a Muslim mob in Rangpur, Bangladesh.

Truth: This claim turned ou a myth. This video is actually from Dhalai, Tripura where a Durga Puja pandal and 4 adjoining shops were engulfed by fire. The original incident took place between 12 to 13 October in the Maracherra market.

While Bangladesh communal harmony is still disrupted and a similar incident did happen in Bangladesh where homes of the Hindu community were attacked by a mob. However, the one claimed in the video.

Hurrah! India becomes the first country to administer 1 billion COVID vaccine doses?

Claim: As India achieved the milestone of administering 100 crore COVID-19 vaccine doses on Thursday, 21 October, many social media users, including leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) claimed that India was the first country in the world to do so.

Truth: Here is a fact-check. Well, India did achieve a milestone, which should be applauded. However, it is not the first country to do so. China had administered 100 crore doses that are equal to a billion COVID vaccine doses by June 19.

ISKCON Priest killed in Bangladesh Violence!

Claim: Social media users shared a picture with a claim that it shows Swami Nitai Das Prabhu of the ISKCON devotees who lost his life in Noakhali, Bangladesh. In the picture, a Hindu priest is serving Iftar meals to Muslims on Eid.

Truth: Read our fact-check here. It is an old photo from 2016 and does not show either one of the two deceased. However, the ISKCON temple did organize the Iftar party on Eid.

Christian teacher thrashed Hindu student for wearing Rudraksh!

Claim: A video of a man brutally kicking and caning a student in a classroom, while holding him by the hair, is going viral across social media platforms. Sudarshan News shared this clip with a claim that the teacher shown in the video is a Christian and a student who was trashed is Hindu in Tamil Nadu. He was beaten mercilessly for wearing Rudrakash (a holy bead) around his neck.

Truth: Here is a fact-check on this video. In the particular video, both teachers, as well as students, belong to the Hindu community. Reportedly, the student was thrashed for skipping the class.

Bangladesh violence reached West Bengal!

Claim: A post shared widely on Facebook that reads a Muslim mob vandalizing and destroying a Durga Puja pandal in West Bengal.

Truth: This video is taken from inside a residential building in the Noakhali district in Bangladesh and not in West Bengal, India. Where a woman can be heard, sobbing as a mob evidently barges into the compound and vandalizes a pandal on the ground. It is being shared on social media with a communal claim.

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Narendra Modi’s efforts resolve coal shortage problem in India!

Claim: Prakash Javadekar, former Union Minister, shared a video praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his efforts to manage the country’s coal shortage. The 2-minute-long video claimed that a goods train carrying coal passed through a railway platform.

Truth: A text in the top left corner of the frame reads “Video: IRTS Association”. The video is credited to the Indian Railway Traffic Services Association. Hence, the clue landed up on the site of IRTS. They captioned the same video with, “VASUKI, 4 loaded goods trains connected for the first time in Korba, Bilaspur Division. Carrying 16000 tons of coal equivalent to 500 trucks, it ran from Korba to Bhilai. Commendable job is done by the entire Operations team led by Shri Ravish Kumar Singh.”

The Ministry of Railways also shared the same video in January. The New Indian Express also published a report in January, which covered the journey of the longest ever freight train-Vasuki.

If you also come up with any fake news kindly, drop us a mail at or drop the post link in the comment section for a fact-check.

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