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Fake News Those Were Worth Not Reading

Here we are debunking 7 fake news with fact checks

These days fake news is getting big and bolder. There is a continuous chase between fake news and hate-mongers. A piece of false information that is communal will get viral like a bush fire.

Therefore, here we are debunking 7 fake news with fact checks.

1. Fake news:

As India took over the rotating presidency of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on 1 August, a viral infographic claimed that this is a first for the country.

fake news

Fact checked:
Fact-checking team of Quint, Webqoof revealed that India isn’t presiding over the United Nations Security Council for the first time. This is India’s eighth stint at the UNSC as a non-permanent member.

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2. Fake news

A screenshot of the News18 article is circulating that claims the government is holding special exams for students who are promoted to 10th, 12th this year. It also features Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath.

UP govt

Fact checked:
As per the investigation of Alt news, the original story with the same headline dated back to 7th July. It states that the Assam government had issued an order that mark sheets of students promoted to 10th and 12th, will not be valid for government jobs. After a flurry against the decision by the opposition, the government issued another statement. It states that these students have to sit for the special exam for recruitment in government jobs.
There was no hint of Yogi or UP government in the entire article.

3. Fake news:

Fake news and June have a special connection. This month India rocked the world when PM Modi was made the chairman of 153 nations. Even after tackling Corona in India, he made India a 5 trillion-dollar economy, and now he is ready to lead the world.

Fact checked:
But then, Alt news showed that there is no such post of chairman of 153 nations. The viral video was actually from September 2015 when Modi was addressing Indian-Americans in California.

4. Fake news:

An image was shared on Twitter where Sanjay Raut was serving tea for Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray and PM Narendra Modi.

Fact checked:
Later, the Times of India released a fake news alert. They found the image was altered digitally. Sanjay Raut is not in the original picture. It was edited to spread fake rumours.

5. Fake news:

A piece of fake news from Rajasthan claimed that the Gehlot government will only vaccinate Rohingya Muslims against corona.
Vikas Kumar wrote on Facebook, “No vaccine for Hindus who migrated from Pakistan to India. But holds a special program for Muslim population vaccination. The high court has intervened in the matter and reprimanded the Rajasthan government”.

Gehlot government

Fact checked:
As per Outlook’s report, the Rajasthan government was not vaccinating those who are not Aadhar cardholders. Therefore, the high court slammed the present government’s decision and ordered vaccination for everyone.
The post was misleading with the fact that specifically, Pakistani Hindus are not getting the vaccination. Although Rohingya Muslims were also not vaccinated.

6. Fake News:

This video claimed sexual abuse in Madarsa.

sexual abuse

Fact checked: 

Alt News found that they were the screenshots of a Bangladeshi short film. They were not from India.

7. Fake News:

 There was a plethora of news that surfaced as soon as the corona vaccine was introduced in India. In the same category, the news was circulated on WhatsApp, “vaccine will make people Bluetooth compatible. In addition, quantum ID technology will track the vaccinated people”.

fake news

Fact checked:

The Quint confirmed that vaccines do not make bodies Bluetooth compatible. This research was based on information available on corona vaccine-making company websites. Experts also completely denied any such news.
This information was as true as the Bluetooth chip in the Rs 2000 note.

Fake news is difficult to identify but they are just one click away from getting viral. So, it is advisable to read the news with caution and beware of fake news. Always consume quality and trusted content instead.

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