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Fake News of the week that you shouldn’t believe

Fake News Alert: News that you thought were true but were not

Fake! Fake! Fake! False and Fake news has the potential to get viral in seconds. Notably, Fake news has now overpowered the newsworthy content. Those who are active on social media tend to believe such news. However, it is very essential for all of us to fact-check before clicking the share button. Here we are giving you a list of fake news, which was trending on social media last week but wasn’t true.

  1.  Fake news

News is circulating on social media that as India entered the third wave of coronavirus, all the schools, and colleges will remain closed till September 30. In the video, it was also claimed that at least 50000 students were tested corona positive in one day.

Fact checked:

The Press Information Bureau has gone through a fact check, and said that the central government has taken no such decision. As per the seventh schedule of the constitution, the state government issues guidelines related to the opening and closing of the school.

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2.  Fake news:

In a viral video, a statue of Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar was vandalized and Kerala Muslims were alleged for the deed. Fact checked

As per ( , the claim is false. The video is from the year 2019, and hails from Tamil Nadu and not from Kerala. In 2019, a fight allegedly broke out between 2 caste-based communities.

3. Fake news:

As the Taliban took over Afghanistan, US-based news channel Cable News Network (CNN) allegedly praised the Taliban for wearing the mask during the Afghanistan siege.

 Fact checked:

As per The Print, the image is from the satirical web portalThe Bayblon Bee. The Bayblon Bee claims itself as the best satirical website. Filmmaker Vivek Rajan Agnihotri and many others also shared the picture on Twitter. The news went viral on social media.

4.     Fake news:

On August 7, Indian athlete Neeraj Chopra made history by winning a gold medal in Javelin Throw at Tokyo Olympics 2021. Following this, a tweet was attributed to Indian Politician Rahul Gandhi. It reads, “Is it right to stand at number two even after coming first? Please answer, Modi Ji”.

Fact checked:

After the tweet got circulated by Twitter account Narendra Modi Fan, Rahul Gandhi became a laughing stock among Twitteratis. It is retweeted over 289 times. Well, the tweet is fake. On 5 August, Rahul Gandhi posted three tweets. One of the tweets read, “Great going, Ravi Dahiya! Congratulations on wrestling your way to the Silver.” The image and text are tampered with to mock the politician.

5.   Fake news:

A video from Lucknow went viral when a girl was seen beating a cab driver. The girl alleged to the cab driver that he was trying to kill her. After mass outrage on social media against the girl’s action, a piece of news broke that the girl is now detained.

 Fact checked:

Many local digital news channels shared this news on Facebook. The original video was dated back to March 30, 2017. The video description states, “Anandpal’s partner Anuradha has been arrested by the police.” News24 covered the news with a program named Lady Don. The fact was checked by Alt news.

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