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BBC excludes J&K from Indian Map! 3 Fake News of The Week

Here are the three fake news of the week you should not miss

From viral claims on a BBC’s controversial documentary to two SRK fans thrashing Bajrang Dal, here are the three fake news of the week you should not miss.

BBC’s recent documentary exclude J&K from Indian Map

Kisne feka: As the controversy over the BBC’s divisive documentary on Prime Minister Modi continues to rage across social media, the image of an Indian map excluding Jammu & Kashmir is going viral. The map has been associated with a BBC News video story in connection with the recent controversy.

Foolproof: The viral claim is misleading. A report was published by the Indian Express on January 19, 2021. The report notes, ‘BBC apologises for ‘incomplete’ India map after complaint.’

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Shah Rukh Khan Fans assaulted Bajrang Dal members

Fake news: As the Shah Rukh Khan starrer-Pathaan sets new records at the box office, a viral video shows an altercation between two groups. A poster of the movie Pathaan can be seen in the background. The video is being shared with the claim that Shah Rukh Khan Fans are assaulting Bajrang Dal members in a theatre.

Fact-check: The viral claim is misleading. The TOI report notes that a clash broke out between two groups over cold drinks during Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Pathaan’ movie screening at a cinema hall in Amroha. Police arrested two people in connection with the clash after the video went viral, and the incident happened after the late-night show of the movie got finished.

UAE’s Vice President renamed its city as Hind, honouring PM Modi

Kisne feka: On January 29, the UAE’s Vice President, PM and ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, renamed the Al Minhad area and its surrounding regions as the Hind City. Following the recent renaming, a claim is going viral across social media alleging that this was a move to honour PM Narendra Modi and the contributions of Indians and Hindus to humanity.

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Foolproof: Hind is an Arabic name that has roots in the region’s ancient civilisation. The renaming of an area in Dubai as Hind City does not refer to any country. Also, “Hind is an English surname and an Arabic female given name.”

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