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Did Pathaan Have Fake Reviews? 3 Fake News from This Week

Here are 3 fake news of this week you should not miss before you enter the new week.

 From film Pathaan’s fake reviews to Malabar Charitable Trust accused of providing scholarship only to Muslims, here are 3 fake news stories of this week.

Pathaan got hit, but viewers have something negative to say!

Kisne Feka: Several videos of people coming out of the theatre and criticising the movie Pathaan has gone viral on social media. While sharing these videos, people on social media claimed that the audience was giving negative reviews on Shah Rukh Khan’s latest release.

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Foolproof: Video 1: The original video was uploaded on the YouTube channel, Filmyfever and was a review of Shahrukh Khan Starrer ZERO. It was a 2018 release. 

Video 2: The man in the viral video criticised Imtiaz Ali for directing this movie. However, Siddharth Anand directed the film ‘Pathaan’. This suggests that the viral video is unrelated to Shahrukh’s recent film and can therefore be fake.

Dhirendra Shastri defeating a Pahalwan in Akhada!

Fake news: A video of a local wrestling competition is going viral on social media where a boy wearing a saffron dhoti slams another wrestler who looks more muscular than him. While sharing this clip, people on social media claimed that the boy who won the wrestling in the viral video was Dhirendra Shastri.

Truth Bomb: The viral claim is false. The wrestler in the video is not Dhirendra Shastri of Bageshwar Dham but a Pakistani wrestler named Ghulam Hussain Pathan. Also, Dhirendra Shastri’s recent controversy has nothing to do with this.

Malabar Charitable Trust is providing scholarships only to the Muslim students!

Kisne feka: Malabar Charitable Trust scholarship images are being widely shared on social media. The photo shows a group of women clad in burqas on a stage posing while holding certificates. A banner with the text ‘Malabar Charitable Trust’ and ‘Scholarship for Students’ can be seen in the background.

Foolproof: The viral claim is false. Malabar Charitable Trust mentions on its website that it does not discriminate between castes, creeds, or religions when it comes to providing education to poor students. Also, Malabar Charitable Trust Scholarship Eligibility Criteria says that this scholarship is offered exclusively for girl students who will be selected based on merit and family financial conditions only.

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