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Fake News Alert! Hoax Stories You Almost Believed

Here we are debunking the truth behind the viral fake news

The political season is also approaching India and the fake news related to it has also occupied a lot of space on the internet. So here we are, debunking the truth behind the viral fake news.

Did PM Modi hire a taxi in Italy?

Claim: A set of two photographs showing PM Modi exiting a Volkswagen Sedan is being shared on social media. It claimed that Modi used a taxi during his visit to Italy, where leaders of the G20 economies met. 

Fact: Here is the truth. These are edited images and original ones have no ‘taxi’ signs or stickers on the Volkswagen Sedan, from which Modi is seen getting out.

2 years relaxation in Army Recruitment 2022 in General Duty! 

Claim: A graphic of Zee News went viral on social media. Where it reads that there will be 2 years relaxation in Army Recruitment 2022 in General Duty as per new rule. Apart from this, the news ticker at the bottom of the viral graphic reads, “The hard work of lakhs of youth across the country has paid off.” Referring to the same image, people claimed that the maximum age limit for the post of Soldier General Duty of the Indian Army has now increased from 21 to 23. 

Fact: The viral claim is false. According to the official website, the current age limit of Soldier General Duty of the Indian Army is 17 years and 6 months to 21 years. In addition, a tweet of The ‘Press Information Bureau’ says that the Government of India in which they refuted the claim. 

Girls wearing Hijab chanted Pro Pakistan slogans!

Claim: A photo is viral on social media in which girls wearing Hijab, standing in a queue. It claimed that the students pursuing medical studies at Srinagar Medical College, chanted Pro Pakistan slogans And the degrees of these 100 girl students were canceled for the same reason. 

 Fact: The viral claim is fake news . On conducting a Google reverse, this image in a website report named The Morning Chronicle dated 12 November 2017. The report’s title reads, “Winds of change: Muslim girls embrace education, aim high”. According to the report, this picture came from Fatima Girls Inter College located in Dawoodpur, Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, where girls are offering morning prayers.

Fake News Triggers Tension In India, Fact-Check Kiya Kya??

This report was about a woman named Ghazala Tasneem, a homemaker and mother of two from the Katihar district of Bihar who was selected for the Bihar Judicial Services Competitive Examination by securing 65th rank. Moreover, there was no news regarding the cancellation of degrees of 100 Kashmiri girl students. However, there were several news reports in which the Jammu and Kashmir Police registered two FIRs under UAPA after a video surfaced of students “celebrating” Pakistan’s victory against India.

SP leader- No IAS-IPS, can say no to me for any work!

Claim: Some videos are going viral on social media. The first part of the viral video features Samajwadi Party leader Kamal Akhtar. He can be heard saying that whether one is IAS or IPS, no one can say no to him if he asks him or her for any work. In the second part of the video, police officers can be seen beating a person with sticks. It is also claimed that Akhtar was thrashed by UP police as he made a controversial statement about the bureaucrats.


Fact: The viral claim is false. The first clip having an ABP Ganga logo hints on the official YouTube channel of ABP Ganga, which dates 09 April 2021. The description in English reads, “In Amroha, Samajwadi’s national secretary and former cabinet minister Kamal Akhtar has given a controversial statement. In a packed meeting, he said that no IAS-IPS in Uttar Pradesh dared to refuse any work of Kamal Akhtar. Bharatiya Janata Party has retaliated against his statement.” He delivered the statement ahead of the Panchayat elections. 

The second part of the viral video was found on Raja Chaturvedi’s Instagram account. The caption says “on the last day of budget session dated 21 February 2011 noon, Police lathi-charged on the main gate of the Vidhan Sabha building while protesting against the Bill. It is noteworthy that during the demonstration that took place in 2011, there was a leader in Mayawati’s government in Uttar Pradesh.

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