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Fake! Fake! Bihar Man’s Dowry Video was scripted, So Relax Please!!

Amid Elections, Here are three fake news you almost believed

  • Highlights:
  • Bihar man openly Demands dowry!
  • BJP workers killed a man after the election victory!
  •  Punjab to-be CM in a drunken state!

It is election time, and hence we have a list of fake news cluttered in our phone, but surprisingly we almost believed them.

Therefore, we must remind you of a fake news check before pressing the forward button.

Here are three fake news you almost believed.

Bihar man openly Demands dowry!

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Fake news: A video of a wedding where the Groom demands dowry went viral on social media. The video is said to be from Chappalpur, Bihar. The Groom can be heard saying that the wedding will not until the demand for cash and other stuff is not met. Media outlets like NDTV, Times of India, The Indian Express, AsiaNet News, Lokmat, DNA, Zee News, News18, and India.com, also reported this video with the same claim.

Fact-checked: The viral claim is false. In the video, a man says, “I am here at Chappalpur, Bihar.” However,  no one could find any such village in Bihar. A video was uploaded by Facebook page ‘Divya Vikram’ on February 25, 2022. It describes him as a video content creator.

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There were more videos where the same Groom and bride could be seen. In one video, he can be seen in a drunken state, after which the angry bride refuses to marry him. The other video is of the Jaymala ceremony. It is worth noticing that in all three videos, the background of the video is identical, and the bridegroom is wearing the same dress. The viral videos appear to be scripted.

BJP workers killed a man after the election victory!

 Fake news: A disturbing video went viral on social media where a group of people brutally thrashed a man while chanting Jai Shree Ram. The victim was covered in blood with severe injuries. In the viral video, a police officer can also be seen trying to stop people from beating the person. A man is alleged to have been killed by BJP workers after their victory in the elections.

Fact-checked: The viral claim is false. On October 5, 2019, TV9 Hindi ran a news report featuring the viral video. You can see a still image of it here. In the report, the incident happened in Bhabua, Bihar, near Shivaji Chowk. The son of a Bhabua ward member shot a young man. The youth was taken to the hospital, where the doctor declared him dead. Meanwhile, the locals beat up the accused.

This made his condition critical. The accused was later taken to Sadar Hospital in critical condition. After the video of the incident surfaced, a mob was seen beating the accused person while chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram’.

 Punjab to-be CM in a drunken state!

Fake news: Punjab assembly elections were declared, and the Aam Aadmi Party won by a landslide. AAP got 92, Congress 18, Akali Dal 3, and BJP 2 seats in Punjab. The swearing-in ceremony of Punjab’s new CM Bhagwant Mann will happen soon. Meanwhile, a video of the AAP CM candidate Bhagwant Mann has gone viral on social media. BJP Gujarat State General Secretary Ratnakar tweeted this video along with a Hindi caption that reads: “पंजाब फतह के बादपंजा के भावी मुख्यमंत्री.”

Bhagwant Mann can be seen in a drunken state in the viral video. Some people are seen supporting him while he continues to falter. While sharing this video, it is being claimed that the viral video of Bhagwant Mann is after the election results, and he is completely drunk.

Fact-checked: The viral claim is false. The viral video in the report of India Today dated March 09, 2017. According to the report, Punjab’s AAP leader was seen tripping while stepping down the footpath and getting inside his car.

However, Bhagwant Mann was seen in a drunken state during several public appearances, but it is evident that the viral video is not recent.

If you get any update that is not reliable, send it to us at ayushi.oneworldnews@gmail.com.

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