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3 Stunning Fake News that Went Viral Last Week

Here are 3 fake news that went viral last week.


Assam tea seller’s son qualified NEET!

Brahmins & Thakurs will be beaten up if the SP government comes into power”??

Hindu mob threw water on Muslim women!

There has never been a time in human history where information was as readily available as it is today. But with so much information living online, new issues arise- misinformation, disinformation and something like confirmation bias. And in simple language known as fake news.

Here are 3 fake news stories that went viral last week.

SP party Say, “Brahmins and Thakurs will be beaten up if the SP government comes into power”??

Fake news: A video of a Samajwadi Party leader from the Katra assembly seat, Shahjahanpur district, is going viral on social media with a claim that Rajesh Yadav has said that the Brahmins and Thakurs will be beaten up if the SP government comes into power in the state. BJP UP spokesperson, Prashant Umrao also shared this video.

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Fact-checked: In the longer version of the video, Rajesh can be heard saying, “Many people around Gadhiya Rangoli and Budhwana are anxious about the local goons who have ruined the lives of people. However, we will assure you that the day the Samajwadi Party government is formed, the people of the SP will chase these goons and will beat them on the streets. We want to say clearly that we have never committed hooliganism and will not tolerate it even now.

We never called Kanchi as Kachheta, Ahir as Ahirta, Thakur as Thakurta, and Pandit as Pandita. Each one has their respect.” Therefore, the claim is false.

Hindu mob threw water on Muslim women!

Fake news: Due to the Karnataka Hijab controversy, A communally charged atmosphere has gripped the nation. Amid this, a video on social media alleges that Muslim women were mistreated by right-wing Hindu mobs. The video shows some men throwing water on hijab wearing women as they rush by, attempting to avoid the water.

Fact-checked: The viral claim is false. A report of AFP Fact Check dated March 15, 2019, sheds light on viral Facebook posts which claimed that members of the Indian Hindu nationalist group, Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh, tortured Muslim women. The report explains that the students were throwing water over each other in an initiation event at a university in Sri Lanka.

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An article from puthithu.com, a news website run by Sri Lankan Tamils living abroad, talks about an incident where male students of the Eastern University located in Vantharumoolai, Eastern Province, Sri Lanka, harassed the university’s girl students.

The article describes that senior university students threw buckets of water on female junior students. The news article stated teachers described the activity as bucketing. The report also stated that the ragging activity was not targeted solely at Muslim students.

Assam tea seller’s son qualified NEET. Really!!

Fake news: A few days back, news of an Assam tea seller’s son qualifying NEET and securing a seat at AIIMS surfaced all over the internet. The boy identified as Rahul Kumar Das, a resident of Patacharkuchi in the Bajali district of Assam, was reported to have cracked the exam in the 1st attempt. Following the media reports, the Assam CM also announced that the state government would take care of his educational expenses.

Fact-checked: Reports suggested that Rahul Kumar Das’s admit card was falsified as there were discrepancies such as date of birth and roll number in the details mentioned on the card.

An online media platform, Assam Tribune verified that the records mentioned in the admit card of Rahul are doctored and originally belong to a girl named Kiranjeet Kaur of Haryana. Rahul’s admit card had roll number- 2303001114, which has turned out to be Kaur’s, who secured all India rank (AIR) 11656.

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