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Fake News Weekly Wrap: Love Jihad to BJP leaders begging for vote

From Love Jihad to upcoming Elections, here are the Top 8 fake news of last week that went viral.

From fake news around Bharat Jodo Yatra to misleading claims made by Indian media, we brought you the top 8 fake news circulated on social media last week. Check it out now.

1. Unplanned execution of Demonetization by the Indian Government

Fake news: Indian government did not consult former RBI governor Raghuram before the execution of Demonetization.

Fact check: Raghuram Rajan was in talks with the Centre regarding Demonetization, where he had advised caution to the government. Also, Rajan was not in the post of governor of the RBI when Demonetization was carried out.

2. Muslim men attacked passengers on the train

Claim: People from the Muslim community assaulted a man because he allegedly obstructed their offering of Namaz.

Foolproof: The Muslims on the train were not involved in assaulting the man. The former soldier had entered into a scuffle with the pantry car workers, which led to his injuries, seen in the video.

3. Emmanuel Macron slapped at the event

Claim: Viral video shows French president Emmanuel Macron getting slapped during a recent public interaction.

Foolproof: The viral video is from an incident in June 2021. A bystander slapped macron while visiting Tain-I’Hermitage, a commune in Drome in southeastern France.

4. Another love jihad reported

Kisne feka: Muslim man killed her Hindu girlfriend and stuffed her body in a suitcase found on the Yamuna expressway.

Truth bomb: The viral incident is related to “Honour Killing”. Despite her parent’s disapproval, the victim was identified as Ayushi Yadav, who her father killed for marrying a man named Chhatrapal Rajput.

5. Gandhi’s translator got pissed off

Fake news: Rahul Gandhi’s translator left the stage as he could not understand his speech.

Truth bomb: The translator Bharat Solanki stopped translating Rahul Gandhi’s speech into Gujarati because the audience demanded his speech in Hindi. The viral video was presented out of context.

6. BJP leaders begging for votes

Claim: A viral image shows the Bharatiya Janata Party leader asking for votes by lying at people’s feet in Gujarat.

Fact check: The viral image is from the 2020 Delhi assembly election, where BJP candidate Sanjay Singh was seen rolling on people’s feet for votes.

7. Rolls Royce to each member of the Saudi Arabian squad

Kisne feka: Following Saudi Arabia’s historic win against Argentina in the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2022, claims are circulating on news media regarding the distribution of Rolls Royce to each member of the Saudi Arabian squad. The claims allege that the royal family would present the Saudi Arabian World Cup squad with a Rolls Royce to each member, with the promise allegedly made by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud.

Foolproof: The viral claim is false. The Saudi Arabian footballer Saleh Al-Shehri and the football coach of Saudi Arabia, Herve Renard, refuted the claim.

8. Muslim man beating his Hindu wife

Fake news: A viral video claiming another love jihad case. In the video, a woman is beaten up by a man as she continues to cry in a devastated manner. While sharing this video, people on social media claimed that the video is of a Hindu woman whose Muslim husband is beaten up in America.

Truth bomb: The viral claim is false. The viral video is from 2021 and is from Russia. It shows a Muslim woman being beaten up by her brother for wanting to elope with a man her family was against. Still, it wasn’t based on religion or any religious identity. Both girl and his boyfriend belong to the Muslim community.

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