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4 Fake News Got Viral This Week, Did You Cross-check Them Before Sharing?

Here is a list of fake news that went viral this week


  • Crowd beating BJP leaders ahead of UP polls!
  • Congress manifesto says, “Ayega toh Yogi hi”!
  • Indian Army Built Gurudwara at China border!
  • Was Nehru responsible for partition?

On social media, there are lots of news stories that are not real and are termed fake news. However, they are altered with such perfection that they are believed to be true. Therefore, here is a list of fake news that went viral this week.

Crowd beating BJP leaders ahead of UP polls!

Fake news: A video is making rounds of the internet nowadays showing a crowd beating BJP leaders ahead of the five assembly elections.

Fact-checked: The video is 3 years old and shows a clash between 2 factions of the Bharatiya Janata Party in Rajasthan’s Ajmer.

Congress manifesto says, “Ayega toh Yogi hi”!

Fake news: Uttar Pradesh is all set to cast a vote in the upcoming polls. Therefore, various parties are releasing their manifesto to lure voters. In the same context, a picture is going viral on social media where Priyanka Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi can be seen holding congress’s manifesto that reads, ‘Ayega to Yogi hi’.

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Fact-checked: The image has been altered and the party’s manifesto was titled “Bharti Vidhan”, which carried the party’s plan to provide employment to the state’s youth.

Indian Army Built Gurudwara at China border! 

Fake news: A video getting viral claims that the Indian Army’s Sikh regiment has built Gurudwara on the China border. In the video it can be seen that the group of Sikh men has also installed a Sikh flag over there, raising Sikh slogans.

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Fact-checked: Viral claim is false as The Sikh Regiment of the Indian Army did not build a Gurudwara at China Border. Instead, the Army had built an 80-feet Nishan Sahib at Leh’s Shri Pathar Sahib Gurudwara in October 2021. The original video is 1-hour long, including clips from the Indian Army and the Gurudwara installing the flag.

Was Nehru responsible for partition? 

Fake news: Even after years of independence, the 1st PM of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, is often targeted for his personal life and political affairs. A clip of his interview with American television host Arnold Michaelis shot in 1964 is doing rounds on the internet claiming Nehru decided on India’s partition.

Fact-checked: The viral claim is false. The viral clip is a portion of a lengthy interview of Nehru and is shared with a misleading context. A part of a 45-minutes-long interview is available on the YouTube channel of the Prasar Bharti Archives.

At 14:34, Michaelis asks, “Well, now you and Mr. Gandhi and Mr. Jinnah, you were all involved at that point and before the point of independence and then partition in the fight for the independence of India from British domination”.

At 14:51, Nehru replies, “Mr. Jinnah was not involved in the fight for independence at all; in fact, he opposed it. The Muslim League was started about 1911, I think.”

At 15:23, Michaelis counters, “And were you and Mr. Gandhi been in favour of that?” At 15:27, Nehru replies, “Mr. Gandhi was not in favour of it, right to the end. Even when it came, he was not in favour of it. I was not in favour of it either, but ultimately, I decided as others did, as many others, it is better to have partition than this constant trouble.

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At 16:49, Michaelis says, “And yet you would have many centuries of fraternal living with the Muslims here in India, hadn’t you”.

It was clear that he was not in favour of the partition of India. However, they had to take this decision to end the constant trouble and move ahead with their program of reforms.

If you come across any other news which needs to be get fact-checked, do not hesitate to send it to us at ayushi.oneworldnews@gmail.com

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