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Ahead Of Assembly Polls, 6 Fake News of The Week

Here are the six fake news that went viral last week


  • Construction of gas pipeline in Kandla Gorakhpur
  • Kejriwal & Mann outside the liquor Shop
  • Free laptops for students
  • ..more

We all consume news to keep ourselves updated. With a plethora of options available, we often forget to do a fact check. Just like every week, we are here with a list of Fake News that went viral last week! Don’t forget to read the fact check!

1. Construction of gas pipeline in Kandla Gorakhpur!

Fake news: The photo shows the construction of the Kandla, Gorakhpur gas pipeline, which will be 2,757 kilometer-long upon completion.

Fact Checked: The photo was taken in 2010 in Lubmin, Germany, and shows the construction of the OPAL pipeline.

2. Kejriwal & Mann outside the liquor Shop!

Fake news: A photo of Aam Aadmi Party MLA Bhagwant Mann and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal sitting in front of a liquor shop is being widely shared on social media taking a dig at the party ahead of the upcoming Punjab Assembly polls. Here’s the truth.

Fact Checked: The photo is morphed. The original image shows Kejriwal and Mann seated on a mustard farm.

3. Sambit Patra shared  photos of dilapidated schools from SP tenure!

Fake news: Ahead of the upcoming 2022 Uttar Pradesh elections, Bharatiya Janata Party national spokesperson Sambit Patra shared two sets of images – before and after the 2017 UP elections. The reason behind the share is to compare the condition of government schools in the state during the Samajhwadi’s tenure and the BJP’s tenure. Here’s the truth behind the images shared.

Fact Checked: The photographs of dilapidated schools used to show the condition of schools before 2017 were actually taken during CM Yogi Adityanath’s tenure.

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4. Free laptops for students!

Fake news: A WhatsApp forward message went viral with a claim that students can now apply for free laptops just by registering and applying on the mentioned link. As per the forwarded message more than 3 Lakh students have received their laptops in 2021.

Fact Checked: The claim is a Hoax. The link used an illegal domain like .online that was incorrect and generally used for winning people’s trust. No schemes or reports claim about the free laptops. Notably, Government has announced anything related to the distribution of free laptops to 8 Lakh students in 2022 to enhance their learning. It clearly means that the WhatsApp forwarded message and the link is a Hoax.

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5. Modi called out Congress for corruption!

Fake news: A video of PM Narendra Modi is making rounds of the internet claiming that recently in a Goa campaign, Modi has directly called out the Indian National Congress for corruption.

Fact Checked: The viral claim is false. The official video of the PM addressing people was uploaded on the BJP’s YouTube on 13 November 2016. The event took place at the foundation stone laying ceremony for New Green Field International airport in Goa. It was his 1st public interaction after the demonetization move. Here, he gave an emotional speech and appealed to people to support his demonetization move to expose dishonesty and corruption. He also spoke about corruption including the actions against Benami Properties.

6. Sonu Sood joined Congress!

Fake news: After Malvika Sood, Sonu Sood’s sister joined Congress, many official accounts associated with INC claimed that Sonu Sood also joined the same party. Now a video of him is going viral on social media claiming that he is busy promoting Punjab CM Charanjit Singh Channi for upcoming state elections.

Fact Checked: The viral claim is false. The original clip in a video report of Barkha Dutt was uploaded on Mojo Story. Barkha Dutt was asking Sonu about his chances of joining politics and which party he would be interested in. To this, Sood replied that it will take some time or few years and also do not know after a couple of years which party will be in the ruling stage. After this, it was picked by the Congress party and presented as if Sonu was talking about CM Channi.

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Later, Sonu Sood tweeted that he would continue with his acting career and social service work without being associated with any political party.

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