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10 Fake News Went Viral Last Week

 Top 10 Fake News of the Last Week that went Viral you might have missed


  • Rahul Gandhi called Udaipur accused Children!
  • Eknath Shinde was drunk at Airport!
  • This is the account of Punjab CM’s wife?
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From fake news around Udaipur violence to misleading claims by Zee News, we brought you the top 10 fake news circulated on social media last week. Check it out now.

Rahul Gandhi called Udaipur accused Children!

Kisne Feka: Zee news, in their report, claimed that Rahul Gandhi had referred the accused in the Udaipur murder case as children.

Foolproof: Rahul Gandhi talked about vandalism at his office in Wayanad. He referred to those who vandalized the office as ‘children.’ After the clip of ZEE News went viral, an FIR against ZEE News Anchor Rohit Ranjan was registered.

Rahul Gandhi confronted by Kashmiri Hindu!

Fake news: Kashmiri Hindu confronted Rahul Gandhi mid-fight on valley’s issue in flight?

Foolproof: Viral video is not recent, but from 2019, when a woman during mid-flight came to talk to Rahul Gandhi and narrated the plight of Kashmiris after the abrogation of Article 370. Therefore, the viral claim is false.

Eknath Shinde was drunk at Airport!

Kisne Feka: A viral video shared by Prashant Bhushan claiming Eknath Shinde was drunk at Surat Airport.

Foolproof: Eknath Shinde was not drunk at the Surat airport, and the video snippet is cropped and taken out of context.

Free Electricity in Kashmir!

Fake news: Viral posts claim that Kashmiris have been using electricity free of cost since India’s independence.

Foolproof: According to the documents of Jammu & Kashmir governmental agencies, electricity has not been provided free of charge to residents of Kashmir. Residents of Kashmir are required to pay tariff charges for electricity as per the terms of the Jammu and Kashmir Electricity Act 1971.

Mohan Bhagwat in Nagpur!

Fake News: Viral image shows NDA’s presidential candidate Mohan Bhagwat in Nagpur.

Foolproof: The viral image is morphed. The viral picture was made by editing two different photos.

Ward councillor abducted by locals!

Kisne Feka: Ward councillor abducted by locals for not showing up after elections in Varanasi.

Foolproof: The viral video was from 2020 when people angered by continuous water logging took a ward councillor hostage.

Niqab clad abducting kids!

Fake news: The viral video shows gangs of people clad in niqab abducting children in India.

Foolproof: The viral video scripted. It was filmed in Giga, the city of Sohag Governorate in southern Egypt.

WB CM barricaded roads to learn scooter riding!

Kisne Feka: A video showing West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee riding a two-wheeler on Kolkata’s streets has gone viral with a claim that she had barricaded roads to learn how to ride a scooter.

Foolproof: The video is from a 2021 rally West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee took to protest a petrol price hike.

Pakistan Zindabad in Madhya Pradesh!

Fake news: “Pakistan Zindabad” slogans were raised in Madhya Pradesh’s Katni district following the panchayat polls.

Foolproof: People chanted “Wajid Khan zindabad ” to celebrate the victory of Khan’s wife Rahisha Begum in the sarpanch elections.

This is the account of Punjab CM’s wife?

Kisne Feka: Amid the news of Bhagwant Mann’s wedding, an account with the handle ‘@DrGurpeetKaur_’ has surfaced on Twitter, claiming to be that of Gurpreet Kaur, Punjab CM’s Bhagwant Mann’s wife.

Foolproof: This is an imposter account of Dr. Gurpreet Kaur and was previously called @SulochnaPandey and @IndiaUprise.

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