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9 Fake News Viral on Agneepath, Nupur Sharma Controversy 

Here are Nine Fake News from Kisne Feka series.

From fake news around Satyendra Jain to misleading claims made by media outlets, we brought you the top 9 fake news which circulated on social media last week.

Satyendra Jain under attack!

Kisne feka: The image shows AAP leader Satyendra Jain’s face was bruised after his exit from the custody of the Enforcement Director.

Foolproof: The mark on Jain’s face was actually the reflection of a tree on the window of the car.

Chemical blast in Hyderabad Mosque!

Fake news: AajTak in its report claimed that the chemical blast took place in the Gowliguda Gol Mosque in Hyderabad.

Foolproof: the chemical blast actually took place when a father-son duo (Gopal Battad-56 and Bharath Battad-32), were cleaning a resin container with water. None of the reports carried a mention of the incident taking place in the vicinity of the mosque or within a mosque.

Hindu workers Deported from Qatar!

Kisne Feka: Viral video shows Hindu workers being deported from Qatar after the Nupur Sharma controversy.

Foolproof: the viral video was likely shot in the Labour city of Doha, Qatar. This video was of workers protesting against the non-payment of salaries for three months by Redco International.

Vandalization of Hindu idols in Karnataka!

Fake news: Times Now and India Today reported the vandalization of Hindu idols in Karnataka’s Hassan district implying that the miscreants that vandalized the idols were from the Muslim community.

Foolproof: One of the accused named was Abhishek Naik, 20, who was a resident of Karehalli located in the Hassan district. The police stated that no persons from any religion other than Hindus were involved in the incident.

Clash between NCP & Sena!

Kisne Feka: Video went viral claiming that it is of a recent clash between NCP and Shiv Sena workers amid Maharashtra political crisis.

Foolproof: Viral Video is from March 2019 when a clash took place in Airoli, Maharashtra during an inauguration ceremony.

Army refuses to lathi-charge on Agnipath protesters!

Fake news: A video is gaining the masses’ attention which shows that Indian army soldiers refused to lathi charge the Agnipath scheme protesters.

Foolproof: The army has not yet been deployed to stop the Agnipath Scheme protesters. Hence, this claim can’t be true.

Nupur Sharma arrested!

Kisne Feka: A video claims that BJP ex-spokesperson Nupur Sharma was arrested after absconding for four days following her remarks on Prophet Mohammad.

Foolproof: The woman in the video is Bhumi Birmi. The video is from the farmer’s protests that took place in Rajasthan’s Churu. Bhumi is the district president of Bhartiya Kisan Union (Women Wing).

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Clash between Agnipath protesters & police!

Fake news: Amid the ongoing Agnipath protests across the nation, A viral video shows protesters attacking the police during the Agnipath scheme protests in Bihar.

Foolproof: Viral video is from the clash during the Muharram procession that was taken out in Srinagar in 2021. Police were firing tear gas shells and warning shots to disperse protesters in Kashmir who had attempted to participate in the procession.

Army Aspirants committed suicide!

Kisne Feka: A image is circulated over social media claiming that the two army aspirants died by suicide in Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur after the Centre launched the Agnipath scheme.

Foolproof: the viral claim is false. The images are unrelated to the ongoing protests. Moreover, they at least date back to 2007.

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